• Fort Walker Town Hall

    Fort Walker Town Hall

  • Service Agreement for Customers

    Service Agreement for Customers

  • Stragic Planning Working Group

    Stragic Planning Working Group

The PAIO team of Management and Program Analysts conduct installation strategic planning, provide information management support, and performance evaluation of base operations, essential services, and programs in support of Fort Walker Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and Retirees.

PAIO is the Garrison Commander's staff element for strategic and management planning for the installation. The office provides oversight of assigned programs; conducts analytical reviews; monitors Army baseline standards; captures and enables implementation of best business practices; and identifies, tracks, and orchestrates reporting of performance measures.

Fort Walker is among the best installations in the Army as evinced by its many awards and accomplishments.

Army ACOE Award year 2003 - Finalist
Army ACOE Award year 2005 - 3rd Place
Army ACOE Award year 2006 - 3rd Place
Army ACOE Award year 2007 - 3rd Place
Army ACOE Award year 2008 - 1st Place
Army ACOE Award year 2013 - 3rd Place
Army ACOE Award year 2014 - 2nd Place
Army ACOE Award year 2016 - 3rd Place