Family Advocacy Program provides educationally based programs and training to active duty soldiers, retirees, and their family members. Family Advocacy Program provides the opportunity through the programs and training to share information, enhance and develop stress management and coping skills and link to support services. Everyone can benefit from prevention and education. It is important that the soldiers and their families realize that when stressed, they are more vulnerable to life’s challenges. A little extra support is sometimes needed. Family Advocacy Program can also provide assistance with linking to other programs and services within Family Advocacy and other services on Fort Belvoir.


New Parent Support Program Plus

The New Parent Support Program has a professional team that provides home visitation. Home visitors provide parenting education and support to you on an individual basis, and encouragement regarding the challenges of parenting. Services are available for military families, including single parents and teenage parents expecting a child and for children, newborn to three years of age. For more information on the New Parent Support Program home visits, please contact the Fort Belvoir Army Community Service Center or call (571) 231-7015/7017.

New Parent Support Program

The New Parent Support Program is a voluntary program that assists military Families who are pregnant or have children birth through age three years to understand the process of delivering a baby overseas and adapt to parenthood in healthy and resilient ways.

The primary focus of the New Parent Support Program is providing individualized home visitation services in the parent and child’s natural learning environment. However, services can occur in an office, hospital, or community setting. Classes and groups are available which provide information on pregnancy, nutrition, parenting newborns and toddlers, problem solving and coping, discipline issues, social isolation, and military stressors. Services are available outside normal duties hours so working parents can participate.

Each New Parent Support Program Home Visitor has either a Master’s degree in Social Work or a Bachelor of Science  Nursing degree. They are additionally Licensed to practice Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, or Nursing in a US state. For Information vist the  Fort Belvoir Army Community Service Center or call (571) 231-7015/7017.

Victim Advocate Program

The Victim Advocate Program is for active duty military, retirees, their families, or intimate partner. It is designed to ensure that each person reported as a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault is provided support and assistance through the services of a victim advocate. Services include crisis intervention, emotional support, obtaining protective orders, securing emergency food and shelter. The Victim Advocate Program provides: information and training about domestic violence, and sexual assault; ensures safe and confidential way on seeking assistance; informs victims of their rights as military family and service members and available resources to assist them, and coordinates information and services with various military agencies and the civilian community.

The Victim Advocate Program serves as a liaison if designated by the service member’s chain of command and provides information of psychological aspects of abusive behavior and the specific needs of domestic violence and sexual assaultvictims. In addition, the Victim Advocate Program serves as an advocate for the victim. Victim Advocate Program attends Case Review Committee as a non-voting member to represent the victim’s interest. For further information please contact the Fort Belvoir Victim Advocate at (703) 805-1832. After hours, please dial (703) 229-7324.


Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault