Under AR 930-4, Army Emergency Relief provides financial assistance in the form of a non-interest bearing loan, grant, or a combination of the two.

We are located on Fort Belvoir in the Army Community Center.

Please bring the following for your visit:

  • Military ID Card
  • Leave and Earnings Statement
  • Leave or PCS Orders
  • Substantiating Documents (e.g. Car repair estimate, rental agreement, utility bill)
  • Refer to the areas of assistance below for the required forms


Who Does Army Emergency Relief Assist?

  • Soldiers on extended active duty and their dependents.
  • Members of the Reserve Components of the Army (Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve) on continuous active duty for more than 30 days and their dependents. (This applies to Soldiers on active duty for training or serving under various sections of title 10, United States Code).
  • Soldiers retired from active duty because of longevity or physical disability, or retired upon reaching age 60 (Reserve Components) and their dependents.
  • Widows and Widowers and orphans of Soldiers who died while on active duty or after they retired.

Army Emergency Relief cannot assist with:

  • Help pay for non-essentials.
  • Finance ordinary leave or vacation.
  • Pay fines or legal expenses.
  • Help liquidate or consolidate debt.
  • Assist with house purchase or home improvements.
  • Help purchase, rent, or lease a vehicle.
  • Cover bad checks.
  • Pay credit card bills.
  • Funds to replace those overdrawn from bank account.

Spousal Assistance

  • Spouses may receive financial assistance; however, they must be geographically separated and possess a Power of Attorney, Military ID card and provide substantiating documents (eg. car repair estimate, rental agreement, utility bill).

What kind of assistance is given?

  • Assistance may be provided in the form of a non-interest bearing loan, a grant (an outright gift of funds) if repayment of loan will cause undue hardship or a combination of the two. Should a loan be given, it will be prorated from the Soldier’s military pay. It is always best to discuss the payment plan with an Army Emergency Relief representative.

Is there a dollar limit on Army Emergency Relief assistance?

  • No. Army Emergency Relief assistance will meet your emergency need.

Where does Army Emergency Relief receive its funding?

  • Voluntary contributions from active and retired soldiers.
  • Repayment of Army Emergency Relief interest-free loans.
  • Income from investments.
  • Unsolicited contributions.

Should you need emergency assistance after duty hours, on weekends, or when the Army Community Center is closed contact:

Air Force Aid Society

Army Emergency Relief

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society