The Training Division provides our customers with training opportunities in meeting their mission requirements. We exercise staff supervision for training management; control and supervise all training areas and facilities; manage training/operational ammunition for selected units/directorates; provide central consolidated scheduling of training events on the installation. Training facilities managed by the Training Division include: HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer  and the Engagement Skills Trainer II.

Training areas include: Land Navigation Course's, Leadership Reaction Course, NBC Confidence Course, Obstacle Confidence Course, Rappel Tower, Rope Bridge Construction Site, Urban Operations Site, Warrior task Complex, Training areas, and Weapon Ranges.

Core Competencies
The Integrated Training Area Management program is a core program of the Army’s Sustainable Range Program and is responsible for maintaining the land to help the Army to meet its training requirements.
US Army Garrison Fort Walker Regional Support Training Center provide army field training, military training, joint force premier all-purpose, year-round training destination, diverse terrain, live fire complex, training and range qualification requirements, and more.
The Fort Walker Regional Training Support Center provides a variety of training aids, devices, simulators and simulations, as well as relevant and responsive training support, enabling commanders to accomplish training objectives, standards and successfully operate across an ever-evolving full spectrum of conflict.
The Sustainable Range Program is the Army’s overall approach for improving the way in which it designs, manages, and uses its ranges.