The Legal Assistance Division of the Stuttgart Law Center is committed to providing quality legal assistance services to all eligible clients, including active-duty/activated Soldiers, Military Retirees & Family Members, and eligible civilians. While we cannot represent you in court, we can provide you preliminary advice on a wide variety of legal issues & may be able to provide civilian attorney referrals, depending on your situation.


The Legal Assistance Division provides a wide range of legal services & counseling including Powers of Attorney, Notary Services, American Attorney Consultations and German Attorney Consultations.This website contains many helpful links for our clients to obtain more information on a wide variety of legal issues.

Matters in which Legal Assistance cannot provide you advice on are:

  • Litigation Against the United States
  • Civilian Employment Matters (except for enforcing USERRA)
  • Military Justice Matters
  • Cases Adverse to the U.S. Government or U.S. Military
  • Private Business Matters (including acting as a landlord or Home Based Businesses)
  • German Notary
  • German Income Tax Filing

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that while these links may provide general information on a legal topic, they should not serve as a substitute for your personal consultation with a legal assistance attorney. Rights and responsibilities vary widely according to the particular set of circumstances in each case. Laws can vary across states, services, and civilian jurisdictions and laws are changed from time to time. More information on the topics listed here may also be found on the JAGCNet website. Links to commercial sites does not constitute endorsement by the US Army nor does the US Army take responsibility for the content of those sites.

Helpful Links