Process claims that Active Duty Service members, and DA and DoD civilians file against the U.S. Government

Household Goods Shipping Claims

Full Replacement Value (FRV) is an important benefit for military service members, DA and DoD civilian employees, and families. To receive FRV coverage, a claimant must give the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) notice of loss and damage within 75 days of the delivery, and file a claim directly with the TSP within 9 months of the delivery.

To file a Notice of Loss/Damage and to file your claim, please log-on to .

Please note, if you comply with the notice and filing deadlines you're entitled to FRV for missing or irreparably damaged items. If your goods are reparable, the carrier may elect to repair the item.

If your move was within Germany, please email the Stuttgart Law Center.

Other Claims

Loss or damage that you suffer incident to your service may be payable. To learn if you have a payable claim, call your claims office to discuss your particular circumstances.

Claims personnel

Claims personnel can explain your filing requirements. All incident to service losses should be filed directly with your respective Military Services claims office. The Stuttgart Claims Office is an Army claims office.

Personnel Claims Fact Sheet