Directorate of Public Works - Demand Maintenance Orders (DMOs)
DMO (also known as Service Order (SO) is an unscheduled maintenance to repair a housing and non-housing component or system after failure.  “Fix it when it fails” or when the systems start showing signs of stress or failure of equipment is eminent.  This work in general cannot be planned or scheduled. Total cost cannot exceed 3,500 Euros or 40 man-hours in labor to complete.

DMOs are initiated by calling or visiting the Help Desk Office located at Kelley Barracks. Bldg 3318.  
DMO priorities are established by the DPW and will be accomplished based on the following priority system: Emergency, Urgent, and Routine.

Emergency (Priority 1) - work required to repair or abate a problem resulting from a breakdown, stoppage or loss of a critical system or equipment which, if not immediately repaired, will endanger life, safety or health of personnel, and/or will result in the damage of government property, and/or would affect operations of a critical military missions.  Response time:  within 2 hours with continuous work until completed or until temporary repair is made as directed by the COR.

Examples of emergency work include (but are not limited to):

  • Life Health Safety related issues,
  • Loss of utility, to include but not limited to, heating and air conditioning, water, sewer and electricity,
  • Frozen pipes,
  • Severe structural damage caused by storms,
  • Inoperable refrigerator (for housing only during after regular work hours),
  • Fires, sparks, the smell of smoke of unknown origin,
  • Severely leaking roofs,
  • Lock out,
  • Securing the doors (i.e., doors open due to malfunction of the lock, hinges, falling etc.),
  • Elevator entrapment,
  • Gas leak or smell of gas.

FOR EMERGENCY, CALL +49 (0) 711-7228-6115, DSN: 115 (OPEN 24/7) 

Urgent (Priority 2) - work not an emergency which, if not promptly accomplished, could deteriorate into an emergency situation, or which is required to correct a condition effecting the immediate well-being of quarters occupants or facility users.  Response time: start NLT next normal workday and complete NLT five calendar days from receipt.
Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • No power supply to domestic appliances
  • Flickering exit and emergency lights
  • Non-operational water faucet

Routine (Priority 3) - any other work that does not meet the criteria for emergency or urgent.  Response can be within five work days following authorization and may take up to 30 days to complete.   
DPW Help Desk receives approximately 1,500-1,600 DMOs per month.

Directorate of Public Works Work Orders

Work Orders are for maintenance, repair and construction work that exceeds 3,500 Euros in cost or requires over 40 man-hours in labor to complete.  Project Work Orders are requested on a Facility Engineering Work Request, (DA Form 4283).

Only authorized unit/activity representatives may submit DA Form 4283 to the DPW. The DPW Business Operations maintains a copy of the Authorized Requestor memorandum on file and verifies each DA Form 4283 against this authorizing memorandum. Work order(s) will not be accepted unless signed by the unit/activity authorized requestor.

Accepted Work Orders on DA Form 4283 are staffed and depending on availability of funds within the fiscal year a scope of work and cost estimate are developed for contract award/execution. 

Funding for Projects.  As a rule of thumb, work to maintain or repair existing real property is funded with Sustainment, Restoration & Modernization (SRM) dollars.  IMCOM Garrisons receive SRM funds annually for the Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization of the installation’s infrastructure. The amount received is based on a formula established in the Facility Sustainment Model which is determined by information such as facility type, square feet, and category code. Not all facilities generate SRM funding.  SRM funds pay for the Base Maintenance Contract and Project Work Orders. 

Each year the DPW develops a project list and establishes priorities for the Annual Work Plan (AWP).  The AWP list includes the projects that will be completed with the current year’s available SRM funding.  Mission Partner organizations may also fund projects not funded with IMCOM SRM dollars.

Proprietary approval is the requirement for all Units/Organizations located at USAG Stuttgart to obtain approval from the DPW prior to initiation of any maintenance, repair, or construction work not to be executed by DPW.  All proprietary approval requests are submitted on a DA Form 4283.

All work must be coordinated with and approved by the DPW regardless of the source of funds or method of accomplishment. This ensures that all maintenance, repair and construction are in accordance with the installation’s real property management plans.

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