Housing Office Out-Processing

 All service members residing in government controlled quarters On-Post and Private rental quarters are required to clear through the USAG Stuttgart Housing Office, Housing Services Branch located in Bldg. 2913, 2nd floor, Panzer Kaserne.

Bachelor Officer and Senior Enlisted Quarters’ occupants are required to clear through the USAG Stuttgart Housing Office, UPH Branch Bldg. 2913,  Panzer Kaserne.

Single Soldiers, occupying barracks, must clear their barracks room through their unit.


Provide Housing with a copy of your PCS/ETS orders and schedule appointments

Once a month,  an out-processing briefing is conducted every first Wednesday of month at the Central Processing Facility (CPF).  A housing representative will brief customers concerning out processing procedure for private rental housing, On-post housing, UPH quarters, and all outgoing TLA authorization.

Contact the CPF office to request a date for the out-processing briefing and to receive the most up to date information concerning out-processing procedures to the installation.  Highly recommended!

Point of contact for the Central Processing Facilities is Commercial Telephone: +49(0) 7031-15-2599.  DSN:  431-2599.


In an effort to make your outbound processing smoother, below are the required items to help you clear housing. This planning tool helps guide you to properly terminate your housing and request possible reimbursement of TLA. The below information is not inclusive, you will need to contact your providers (cell phone, utilities, UTAP etc.) for clearing instructions/procedures.



Private Rental clearing procedures.

Once you have received your orders, the housing office is here to guide and assist you through the clearing process.  However, there are certain important matters in the clearing process that you will have to take care of as stipulated in your rental contract in a timely manner.


Pre -Out-Check Inspections

 It's recommended for both the landlord and tenant to have an internal pre-out inspection 45 days prior to departure, to help identify any outstanding issues or deficiencies with private rental quarters.   This action provides the tenant enough time to correct any issues identified by the landlord prior to scheduling the final out-check inspection. The pre out-check should be completed in the presence of the landlord or the landlord's property manager.

Recommend for customers to have a copy of the move in inspection to avoid and pre-exciting charges for damages identified on move in.  For those customers who foresee major issues at the pre-out inspections please contact the off post housing office.   All pre-out Inspection requests have to be approved in advance by management.


Procedures to clear On Post Housing:

  Service members are required to notify the Housing Office upon receipt of orders, (PCS, EROD, and Retirement orders)  the intent to vacate Government quarters.    A pre-inspection can be completed 30-45 days prior to service members' anticipated departure.  Upon scheduling the pre and final termination

inspections with the housing counselor, the service member will receive a Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) briefing indicating the authorized days of outgoing TLA.   The service member is responsible for coordinating temporary lodging accommodations.   Contact our Housing counselor at 431-2350 or

emailing  usarmy.stuttgart.imcom-europe.mbx.dpw-hsg-on-post@mail.mil to receive additional information.


Purpose of a Pre-Inspection Government quarters:

  The purpose of the pre-inspection is to inform service members on the process needed to clear Government quarters.   The housing inspector will brief service members on the cleaning standards and provide any documentation needed to clear your quarters.  We at the housing office recommend the service member schedule a pre-inspection in order to manage any housing expectations which they may have prior to departure.


1. When scheduling a pre-inspection, provide the counselor a copy of your orders. (PCS, EROD, or Retirement orders)

2. Housing counselor will schedule your pre-inspection in our housing database (eMH) and provide you with a date on when the housing inspector will come to your quarters to provide you guidance on the standards needed to clear government quarters.

3. Housing counselor will brief you on TLA entitlements based on type of orders provided and will explain coordination of any pick up or delivery of temporary government loaner furnishings.


Final Inspection Government Quarters:

We have taken pride in providing you and your family the best housing possible. Our commitment to your family began the day our inspectors walked through your residence with the previous occupants in order to ensure that they were passing on the keys of a well-cared home to you.


Final Inspection Procedure On Post:

At your final inspection, the inspector we will:

1.  Inspect the quarters, appliances, any temp furnishing for cleanliness.

2.  Inspect storage and community common areas to make sure your bulk trash has been removed.

3.  Collect all housing keys and remotes.

4.  Inventory Furnishings Hand Receipt.

5.  Once the Service member has successfully cleared the quarters, the housing inspector will issue you the inventory and condition report and other relevant correspondence; direct the Service member to the Housing Office.

6. Once at the Housing office, our housing counselor will review relevant supporting documentation from the inspectors i.e., inventory and condition report and furnishing Hand receipt and explain procedures to be followed in  order to clear Housing Services office.


Definition of Wear & Tear

Residents are responsible for damage to their home or to equipment and furnishings caused by the abuse or negligence of family members and guests.

Excessive grease or mildew are considered above normal wear and tear and could result in damage charges. Normal wear and tear is the amount of deterioration which occurs in the normal use of homes; as such it is anticipated and acceptable. Homes should be used as intended, avoiding any negligence,

carelessness, accident or abuse of the premises by the occupant, members of the household, their pets or guests.


Furnishing Support

 If you elect to ship your household goods early, you can request loaner furniture such as bedroom sets, dining room table set with chairs and living room sets.

◦ If you live in government controlled quarters, call DSN 431-, CIV 09641-83-6980

◦ If you live in private rental quarters, call DSN 475-6245, CIV 09641-83-6245