handicap.png A handicap parking card may be displayed when authorized by appropriate officials. If approved, the handicap parking card must be hung on the rearview mirror with the silhouette of the handicap symbol facing forward. The handicap parking card will be issued once the authorized individual provides the RMV an approved copy of AE Form 190-1AW (signed by a German doctor or a doctor assigned to a facility under the Regional Health Command Europe (RHC-E)) and two passport-sized pictures of him- or herself. No fee will be charged for this initial service. A service fee will, however, be charged for replacement cards (for example, if the initial card was lost or mutilated). The individual can either provide this documentation to the local FRS or send it directly to the RMV for processing. The handicap parking card will be valid for use only on U.S. military installations and facilities in the RHC-E AOR and only for the eligibility dates indicated on the card. A permanent handicap parking card will be valid for a maximum of 4 years from the date of issue. Using DOD handicap cards off military installations in Europe is not authorized. Individuals desiring handicap cards for use off military installations must request those through German local city halls (Rathäuser).

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