Fuel Cards are required for all privately owned vehicles and for all U.S. Government non-tactical vehicles. 

Every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and eligible U.S civilian is responsible for using their fuel ration card properly after they've received it and activated it. 

This includes all U.S. Forces and U.S. State Department personnel who are either permanently stationed or on temporary duty in Germany and their family members with drivers licenses who are permanently stationed in Germany.

The fuel ration card is another benefit derived from the SOFA.

This card permits personnel to purchase fuel on post and at select stations o post at prices comparable to stateside prices instead of the standard European price, which is typically much higher.

Most cards are good for up to 400 liters of fuel monthly, though some vehicles will be allowed a larger ration.

The card can be obtained at the Express gas stations on Patch and Kelley Barracks, as well as the main Exchange on Panzer Kaserne. 

The card can be preloaded with money at almost any Exchange store and acts essentially as a prepaid cash card at select off-post Esso stations.

Most German Esso stations participate in the program, but it is usually a good idea to check with the attendant before fueling up.

On post, the card can be used as a prepaid card, or drivers can opt to pay with cash or credit card and keep the card’s balance for o post use. In any case, the card is needed any time the vehicle is fueled in order to avoid paying European prices for fuel.

Drivers should maintain awareness of the remaining balance of their fuel rations. Each time fuel is purchased, a receipt is provided showing the remaining cash and fuel ration balance.

Multiple vehicles of the same owner (and multiple vehicles registered to the same sponsor, regardless of the primary user) share from a single monetary balance on the card and each vehicle draws from its own ration balance. 

The gas card and the associated ration are intended for those personnel listed on the registration only, and cannot be shared with others, even other U.S. personnel who are entitled SOFA benefits.

So, now with license in hand, a registered vehicle and a fuel ration card, newcomers are ready to drive.