The U.S. Army in Europe (USAREUR) driver’s license allows service members, civilians and their family members to drive in Germany without going through the process of attaining a local driver’s license.
It is also used as the basis for an International Driving Permit, which allows you to hit the road throughout Europe.
Germany is well-known for its autobahn, a network of roadways later emulated by the U.S. interstate highway system. Incoming personnel may be anxious to get behind the wheel and start zipping around, but before they do, they must know the rules.
Anyone arriving on permanent change of station orders falls under the Status of Forces Agreement and must have a USAREUR driver’s license to drive in Germany. Furthermore, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to drive in another country.
To get an IDP, go to the Driver’s Testing station on Panzer Kaserne with your address and USAREUR license.
They will provide you with a form and direct you to the appropriate town hall, where you can receive a German IDP.
Without exception, personnel and family members who intend on driving must obtain a USAREUR driver’s
An IDP alone does not give you authority to operate a USAREUR plated vehicle.  Additionally, you cannot legally drive a rental car while you wait for your vehicle to arrive without a USAREUR driver’s license.
Obtaining this license is part of the Stuttgart garrison in-processing at the Central Processing Facility, Bldg. 2913 on Panzer Kaserne.
To get a USAREUR driver’s license, personnel must take an orientation class followed by a test about road sign
identification cation and a series of questions pertaining to German and European traffic laws.
The fee for the class and test is $20, and no appointment is necessary. Applicants must present a stateside driver’s license to take the test.
Personnel are advised to have their stateside driver’s license, ID/CAC card, and USAREUR license when driving in Germany, as well as with an International Driver’s Permit when outside the country.
Visitors should get an international driver’s permit before arrival, then visit the garrison customs office with the license, passport and the registration of the USAREUR-plated vehicle. Visitors without an international driver’s permit must have their valid stateside driver’s license translated from a court approved translator in Germany. The customs office can then issue an exception to policy letter.
The visitor must carry the letter, passport, stateside license translation or international driver’s license whenever they are operating the sponsor’s USAREUR-plated vehicle.
Take the test online prior to PCS Personnel and family members may complete license training and take the exam prior to arrival. Family members should use the DoD identification number located on the front of their ID cards to log on.

The online certification is valid for sixty days and must be valid upon arrival at the Drivers Testing Office.

Online Drivers Testing Instructions

USAREUR registry of motor vehicles driver’s certificate of license training and exam

U.S Forces personnel, civilians and family members stationed or scheduled to deploy to Europe can take their certificate of license training and exam online at Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). Individuals with a Common Access Card (CAC) can login to JKO and create an account.

Non-CAC holders must request a sponsored account by signing up with JKO. Sponsored accounts must use the USERID and PASSWORD issued by JKO to access the system and take the exam.

After logging into JKO, search the catalog for USA 007 for the course. The course must be completed before the exam, USA 007B, upon completing the final exam the scores are valid for 60 day, you must visit a Drivers Testing Station within the 60 day window. Anytime past the 60 days, you must retake the exam for your score to be considered valid.

U.S. Forces authorization to conduct driver testing for conus and OCONUS active, reserve and National Guard units deploying to Germany or the central European theater.

Commanders of units deploying to Germany wanting to facilitate driver testing commensurate with military driver training may have soldiers test online.

The website is Joint Knowledge Online individuals sign in using their Common Access Card (CAC ) or username / password and search the course catalog for USA 007 for the course and USA 007B for the exam. The training course must be completed prior to takinfg the final exam. Please take note that the exam scores are valid for 60 days.

We have had some issues with individuals receiving certificates from JKO without actually testing, so in order to avoid this please email with the individual's name and DOD ID number (from the back of their CAC cards) and the test scores will be emailed back.

Completion of the USAREUR Motor Vehicle Drivers Examination to include a standard vision/eye test must be annotated on each individual DA Form 348 citing the date, time, location, test number and Proctor's name.

Attention: The Test Proctor's signature and signature block must also be over stamped with the Official Unit Stamp/Seal. If you do not have a unit stamp or seal please procure one for this purpose. Soldiers are arriving here in Germany with signatures only which means that there is a lot of work for us to verify the documents.

Upon arriving in Germany, unit members after receiving their USAREUR Military Driver's License, may use their individual DA Form 348 as authorization for issuance of the U.S. Forces Certificate of License, if testing was completed within 60 days.