Housing In/Out-Processing

In-Processing and Out-Processing 

Unaccompanied Personnel

On-Post Housing                                                                EMAIL FOR ON-POST HOUSING

Off-Post Housing                                                               EMAIL FOR OFF POST HOUSING


Policies & Information

All incoming personnel: Contact the Housing Office prior to beginning your search for off-post housing. 

Army housing website

Active Duty personnel: If on-post housing is available or can be projected within 60 days of arrival, government quarters must be signed for.  Mandatory assignment to government quarters is in effect for all military personnel.

ARMY REGULATION 420-1, ARMY FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Section 3-16, Paragraph K: Mandatory assignment (foreign areas only). The garrison commander may mandatorily assign adequate housing if necessary to maintain maximum occupancy.

Temporary Lodging

Army Lodging provides hotel accommodations to service members, families, retirees, and civilians.  Guests include Department of Defense travelers on official business, as well as military members and their families traveling on Permanent Change of Station orders. Retirees and military families can also make reservations when the facilities are not required for official travelers.

Panzer Kaserne - Panzer Hotel | 360 tour

Kelley Barracks - Kelley Hotel | 360 tour


Furnishings & Appliances

Temporary Loaner Furniture

Temporary or loaner furnishings are available for up to 90 days incoming and up to 60 days for outgoing personnel on and off post.

The housing email address for furnishing questions and requests:


On-post housing has installed appliances. All on-post unaccompanied personnel (UPH) units are furnished with bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, depending on the Service member's rank and building assignment. All UPH residents are issued a refrigerator.

Bona-fide bachelors residing off-post are authorized basic living, dining, and bedroom furnishings for their entire tour.

Appliances and wardrobes are issued to off-post housing residents for the duration of their tour or tour extensions.

Please note: Do not bring any U.S. appliances to Germany. Most off-post German units have 220v, and many appliances are not compatible with the voltage. Transformers to convert the voltage from 220v to 110v can be purchased.

U.S. appliances that cannot be used will be stored at the owner’s expense.