The Central Processing Facility is a one-stop installation In and Out-Processing Center.

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The USAG Stuttgart Central Processing Facility (CPF) will be your one-stop virtual in-processing center. Newcomers can be scheduled for an innovative Virtual In-Processing Experience even before arrival. Currently, CPF is working to devise and update our material to make it available to our incoming personnel. Multiple virtual platforms that will give customers a new and updated experience will also allow them more control over the pace of their individualized in-processing.

You can rest easy knowing you will have two units taking care of you and your family while assigned to Stuttgart-your unit (or agency) and USAG Stuttgart. The Garrison is composed of all of the agencies that your family may use (Housing, Transportation, Vehicle Registration, VAT office, ACS, Passports, ID Cards, Postal, and several other agencies).

Newcomers will receive a personalized checklist enabling them to attend all required on-line community in-processing and finish in-processing with self-made appointments to the agencies that will specialize to their tailored needs.  The bulk of the in-processing experience can be done with a simple internet connection and web links directing them to the briefs. This process affords customers more time to focus on the important, and sometimes daunting, tasks involved in getting settled into a new community.

We look forward to assisting you into our community and believe you will soon understand our motto of “I’m glad I live here!”

To begin your Virtual In-Processing Experience please fill out the “Joint In-Processing Needs Assessment” below and email it to us @

Please don’t forget to download the USAG Stuttgart app for all of your in-processing needs and up to date information.

Pre-Arrival / Arrival - Sponsorship
Unable to find what you were looking for on our web site? Let us know by sending us an "In-Processing"  email for more information/guidance and helpful welcome packet handouts.

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The better you plan the easier your departure will be.

  • 75-120 days prior to your departure date, attend a PCS/Out-Processing briefing.
  • Note: Please complete Mandatory online Out-processing briefing. On a space available basis, there are also "optional" monthly in class briefings Out-processing briefing
  • 30-120 days email or drop off your completed out-processing questionnaire to the CPF office
  • 2 days prior to your departure date, Final out at the CPF office (your community clearance papers are turned in to CPF - the staff will finalize the clearance and return a copy)
Request “Out-Processing”  Email (to request information/guidance regarding clearing papers and schedule PCS/Out-Processing briefing)