To maintain and sustain the warfighter’s body and relax the warrior’s mind.

Body – Mind – Spirit

 image.png                   Social distancing does not mean social isolation.

Religious support is one way to stay connected and our Fort Stewart - Hunter Army Airfield chaplains are here to help.  Make sure to follow their page at FORT STEWART/HAAF RELIGIOUS SUPPORT OFFICE for resources, virtual service schedules, and more.  Army Chaplains have served in more than 270 major wars and combat engagements. Nearly 300 Army Chaplains have laid down their lives in battle.  Six have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Currently, over 2,900 Chaplains are serving the Total Army representing over 130 different religious organizations. 


3rd ID Locked Down Workout:

Stay healthy and fit with the 3rd ID Locked Down Workout. Whether your quarantined or spending time around the house; the 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield, and Winn Army Community Hospital offers a physical training regimen to help you maintain physical readiness during the COVID-19 crisis.  The workout was designed to work with minimum equipment in a small area, while maintaining social distancing prescribed in CDC guidelines.  


3ID Fitness lock down videos are designed to provide daily workout inside to maintain flexibility and strength and reduce stress.  


This is your Brain-Food. You exercise like De Niro or Norton in solitary confinement, but without cerebral calisthenics, you'll end up like Billy Bob Thornton in 'Swing Blade'.


Soul-Food- Your Body and Mind is help you survive here in the physical but you Soul is enteral.  SGT Drill Sergeant always said... "Check yourself before you wreck Yourself!" 
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