"Black Lions"

Welcome to 1-28 Infantry Battalion , 3ID and Fort Benning, Georgia—a great place to live and work! I trust you’ll find your time as a Black Lion a personally and professionally rewarding experience and we’re happy you and your Family are here!  

The Black Lions have a long and distinguished history that dates back to 1901. Soldiers of the 28th Infantry fired the first shots from an American weapon in World  War I at the Battle of Cantigny in 1918. The Regiment fought valiantly; impressing our French and British allies who nicknamed our regiment the “Lions of Cantigny,” later shortened to “Black Lions.” Cantigny was located in the French province of Picardy, and due to this honor, the 28th Infantry adopted the Lion from the Picardy’s coat of arms into our distinctive unit insignia.

Having fought with the 1st Infantry Division in France in World War I, the 8th Infantry Division in World War II, and back with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the Black Lions now enjoy a home in the 3rd Infantry division and operate as the Army’s only organic Task Force—the most powerful light infantry unit in Forces Command. Our capability extends beyond that of a regular light infantry battalion and includes a 105mm artillery battery, an engineer company, an expanded support company, and a larger staff. We are proud to have you on this unique and powerful team and we look forward to your contributions!  

Expect your time here to be challenging. Arrive in good physical condition and be prepared to be challenged daily in your daily duties. At the same time, take the opportunity to enjoy all that Fort Benning and southwest Georgia have to offer. You should leave here a better leader and a better person for having been assigned to the Black Lions.

If at any point in your transition you require assistance, please contact your sponsor or 706-544-2199. Our staff duty, available 24/7, is 706-544-3808.