Were you evacuated due to Hurricane Dorian?

All Soldiers, dependent Family members and DA civilians that were affected by Dorian can complete evacuation travel vouchers Sept 11-14 and 16-21. (Contractors must file through their agencies.)

Note: All Sponsors have to file electronically on DTS. All Dependents have to file paper copies.

For example, MAJ Payne evacuated with his wife, Mrs. Payne and their son, Max. MAJ Payne needs to file electronically on DTS. Then, Mrs. Payne files a paper copy.

MAJ Payne scans and emails himself the receipts from their hotel. Mrs. Payne makes paper copies of the receipts to bring to Hunter's ACS. Before she goes, she makes sure she has her dependent ID, her driver's license, and Max's birth certificate.

September 11-14 and 16-21

Stewart 9am - 6pm at the Main Post Chapel

Hunter 9am - 6pm at the HAAF Ed Center Hunter ACS

Single Soldiers at Hunter please file at the HAAF Education Center.

All Soldiers and DoD Cilivians who evacuated:

File authorization and voucher online via DTS.

What to bring:

  • Scan and email yourself your lodging receipts (if you didn't stay in lodging, you'll need to provide proof of location such as meal or fuel receipts)


Evacuated Dependents:

Dependents need to file paper copies.

What to bring:

  • Spouse: Bring a Government issued ID (or copy of DD 1172 which you can download from sponsor's DEERS)
  • Spouse: Bring a second government picture ID such as a driver's license.
  • If your family has minor dependents, bring their Government issued ID’s. If they don’t have IDs, a copy of their birth certificates will suffice.
  • For DA Civilians to verify your minor dependency, bring your dependents birth certificates.


If you were not in the evacuation zone, but evacuated for extenuating circumstances (e.g. ordered by command or local law enforcement), you will need a memorandum signed by O-6 to get approval.







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Phone Numbers

FS/HAAF Information Hotline: 866-586-3116

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