Sgt. Marquis Hopkins
3rd SB

Photo by Sgt. Marquis Hopkins

Vehicles assigned to 396th Composite Truck Company, 87th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Sustainment Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division perform a tactical road movement during a field training exercise Feb. 6 on Fort Stewart. The training exercises are in preparation for an upcoming Joint Readiness Training Center rotation where the unit will conduct troop transport and supply delivery missions.

Roadrunners prepare for JRTC

Soldiers with 396th Composite Truck Company, 87th Combat Sustainment Battalion, 3rd Division Sustainment Brigade, conducted a field training exercise Feb. 5-11 on Fort Stewart to prepare for an upcoming rotation at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana.
The 396th CTC will support the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division during its rotation at JRTC. During the exer­cise, the CTC will be responsible for transportation of troops and a variety of supplies with an ele­ment primarily composed of pal­letized load systems and medium tactical vehicles.
“We are preparing our Soldiers by performing operations that are normally conducted in garrison in a tactical environment with an enemy threat,” said 1st Lt. Ty Krueger, a platoon leader with 396th CTC. “We are also refresh­ing our Soldiers on level one task knowledge to build proficiency at every level and to ensure that the platoon has the combined knowl­edge to support our customers while deployed in an unfamiliar environment.”
During their FTX, Soldiers con­ducted planning, preparing and executing convoys during day and night operations to familiarize with their equipment that will be used at JRTC.
“Ensuring that all of our junior Soldiers and noncommissioned officers are ready and proficient with all operations is important,” said Sgt. Timothy Ellison, a squad leader with 396th CTC. “I am confident that we will success­fully complete the mission because we are working together as a team.”
The FTX allows 396th CTC Soldiers to build on their funda­mentals and to better prepare themselves for the upcoming missions at JRTC.
“Practice makes us profession­als,” said Pfc. Ashley Metayer, a motor transport operator with 396th CTC. “This field exercise has helped me out a lot. I am ready to go support and do what we do best.”
The 396th CTC Soldiers and leaders pride themselves on their ability to conduct sustainment transport operations and custom­er service. Drivers are qualified on multiple vehicle platforms, allowing their company to adapt to rapidly evolving sustainment operations driven by the require­ments of the maneuver units.
“Our team is always ready and able to go at a moment’s notice. We’re trained, experi­enced and proficient at what we do,” said Krueger. “We’re the team that keeps the fight going by providing transpor­tation.”