Staff Sgt. Joel Salgado
3IDSB Public Affairs
Photo by Staff Sgt. Joel Salgado -Signaleers from 414th Signal Company, 3STB, 3IDSB, set up camouflage netting for a tactical communication site in conjunction with an emergency deployment exercise on Fort Stewart, Feb. 10.



Provider signaleers build on basics

There is an old adage in the Army: shoot, move and communicate. To ensure that the brigade and division forces they support are able to communicate effectively, the 414th Signal Company, 3rd Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, recently conducted training on establishing a tactical communication site in conjunction with an emergency deployment readiness exercise on Fort Stewart, Feb. 10.
“This is the experience the Soldiers need,” said Staff Sgt. Matthew Harmon, with 414th Signal Co., 3STB, 3IDSB.  “They don’t really get this as much as we would like because we have so many other tasks to do. It is good that they get to come out here and train on their equipment. (Now), they have a better idea of what is expected from them if they actually deploy and have to do this in an operational environment.”
The training focused on ensuring the Soldiers knew not only how to operate their equipment, but also what goes into establishing a site.
“What I hope the Soldiers learn from this is there is a lot more to this than going out and setting up your equipment,” Harmon said. “You’ve got to plan for your convoy, everything you’re going to take and site set up. There is a whole lot more than just going out there and pushing some buttons and making it work.”
Many of the Soldiers conducting the training received a more in-depth experience on the equipment and operations than their previous experience at the Army Signal School.
“They don’t get much hands-on (experience) in their advanced individual training, and they don’t get the environment we are in out here, especially setting up the camouflage to disguise the equipment and being able to strategically place it so everything isn’t in the way and your area is secure” Harmon said.
The Soldiers receiving the training echoed Harmon’s sentiments about the utility of conducting the realistic training and how it will benefit them and their unit in the future.
“I just hope we take away the knowledge we learn from each other to make better Soldiers of each one of us and make us accountable and safe setting up proper equipment,” said 2nd Lt. Rucker Pierce, a platoon leader with 414th Signal Co., 3STB, 3IDSB. “Also to get repetitions in, so that when we go out for future field missions instead of supporting just a company we can better support the rest of the division and other units.”