Pfc. Savannah Roy

3CAB Public Affairs

Photo by Pfc. Savannah Roy

Spc. Alvin Rogers, Spc. Brittany Thomas and Spc. Mikal Hizine, water treatment specialists with Co. A, 603rd Aviation Support Battalion, increase their proficiency with the tactical water purification system to produce potable water during the Ready to Fight exercise.

Marne Air Soldiers prove Ready to Fight

Shortly after deploying in support of Atlantic Resolve, Marne Air Soldiers from the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, conducted a training demonstration called “Ready to Fight” across several different European countries, Nov. 15-22.

The purpose of this training exercise is to demonstrate the brigade’s ability to rapidly employ its capabilities after deploying to Europe in mid-October.

Ready to Fight took place across the European theater in Bulgaria, Germany and Greece. Over the course of this exercise, the brigade conducted air assaults with Bulgarian special forces, reconnaissance support, downed aircraft recovery team training, forward arming and refueling point operations, water purification, drivers training, convoy lanes, infiltration tactics and medical evacuation training with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Marne Air Soldiers were grateful for the opportunity to train alongside European allies.

“Working with the Bulgarian special forces was a unique privilege for the Soldiers and leaders of our battalion,” said 1st Lt. John Geiger, a Black Hawk pilot with 4-3 Assault Helicopter Battalion. “The disciplined professionals of the Bulgarian military gave our crew, staff and supporting elements the chance to build multinational relationships and showcase our proficiency during Ready to Fight.”

Training with allies allows U.S. Army units to build interoperability with their European counterparts across the continent, while also deterring aggression. The Army’s presence in Europe offers reassurance to its allies that it remains committed to NATO and the European defense.

Ready to Fight is the first of many planned training exercises in which 3CAB will train with European allies and partners, while flying in support of Atlantic Resolve.

By conducting this training, 3CAB is able to maintain readiness, proficiency and the ability to deploy on a moment’s notice in support of global operations. The training also helps Marne Air Soldiers prepare for the upcoming exercise, Defender-Europe 20. Defender 20 is slated to be the largest deployment of Soldiers for a European exercise in 25 years, adding up to nearly 20,000 U.S. Soldiers.