Pfc. Aaliyah Craven

50th PAD

Photo by Pfc. Aaliyah Craven
Command Sgt. Maj. Paulette Abraham, right, passes the battalion colors to Lt. Col. Kelly McCay, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion commander, 3rd Infantry Division, during a change of responsibility ceremony, Oct. 23 at Marne Garden on Fort Stewart. Following more than 30 years of service, Abraham is retiring to El Paso, Texas, with her husband, where she said they will enjoy spending time on their favorite hobbies which include golf, hiking and woodworking.

Battalion CSM reflects on service, passes torch during ceremony

Command Sgt. Maj. Pauletta Abraham relinquished respon­sibility of 3rd Infantry Division’s Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion to Command Sgt. Maj. Jean Milice during a change of responsibility ceremony at Marne Garden on Fort Stewart, Georgia, Oct. 23.
Abraham concluded more than 30 years of service in the Army with a culminating assignment to the HHBn as the senior enlisted advisor.
“You have taught me, and every leader in this battalion what is truly important, and the true example of servant and selfless leadership; I will forever remember our time togeth­er,” said Lt. Col. Kelly McCay, HHBn commander, in his remarks.
Abraham was born at what is now Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, and has served 27 months with the Legion Battalion, managing the training and readiness of more than 600 Soldiers.
She first enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves in 1981, where she served 16 years before transitioning to active-duty ser­vice following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
“I felt like I had something I could give back to the Army,” she said “I thought I could be value added, and so I came back on.”
Milice, a native of Croix-des-Bouquet, Haiti, is no strang­er to the 3rd ID, having previously served in the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team and 3rd Sustainment Brigade.
“I have worked for seven command sergeants major, and I never met a command sergeant major who works as hard as Command Sgt. Maj. Abraham.” said Milice.“HHBn is a unique and great organization. I am looking forward to working with all of you and keeping it the greatest organi­zation within 3rd ID and the Army.”
Abraham related a memory which demonstrated the team­work and perseverance of the battalion. During a command post exercise last year, the headquarters element was direct­ed to move from one location to another. Inclement weath­er and fatigue presented challenges to those tasked with conducting the move.
“What I noticed while we were standing there in ankle deep mud and completely drenched, it didn’t matter what rank you were, people were out there taking down those wet tents and folding them up and loading them onto vehicles,” said Abraham. “As a matter of fact, the biggest tent we had was supposed to go on this trailer which stopped cranking. We had to hoist it by hand, soaking wet in the mud onto this trailer. It took us a long time, but as a team we did it.”
During Abraham’s tenure, HHBn conducted 14 exercises which included: two Warfighter, five Marne Focus, one base defense, one convoy live-fire, and five command post exer­cise - two during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I’m very proud and honored that the 3rd Infantry Division got to be the last place I was stationed before I retired,” Abraham said. “I honestly believe that this Division [culti­vates] heroes, and [cultivates] leaders. They might not know it themselves, but that’s what they are.”