The Marne Tax Center will OPEN 7 February 2022

Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Tax Centers will open its doors on 7 February 2022 to provide free tax assistance to active duty Soldiers, Retirees, and their Families.

The IRS  filing deadline this year is 18 April 2022.

In 2021, the Tax Centers assisted over 2,000 clients receiving over $3 million in refunds, saving about $600,000 in preparation fees.


Due to COVID-19, we are unable to have walk-in services again and we have new limitations on the taxpayers eligible for our services. If the answer to any of the below questions is yes, our tax center WILL NOT be able to prepare your taxes this season. However, there are alternate resources available to you.
1.     Do you have more than one rental property?
2.     Is your gross income more than $75K a year (single) or $125K a year (joint)?
3.     Are you a single Soldier with no dependents?
4.     Do you own a business?
5.     Do you pay taxes to more than two states?
6.     Do you live more than 150 miles from Savannah, GA?
To make an appointment, please call 912-767-2075. Leave a voicemail that includes: whether you would like to self-prepare your taxes OR have a tax preparer meet with you in-person. A self-prepared return is prepared by you from the comfort of your home, however a tax preparer would be available virtually to answer any questions you may have and to review the return. If you would like to be seen in-person, please include 1. which base you prefer and 2. if you will drop your tax paperwork off beforehand or bring it to the appointment.
The Fort Stewart Tax Center will be located at Building 620, the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate building, in the Legal Assistance Office. The HAAF Tax Center will remain at building 1211 inside the Hunter Army Airfield Legal Assistance Office.  Hours of operation for both locations are: Monday-Wednesday and Friday: 0900–1200 and 1300—1600; Thursday: 0900—1200.

Be Prepared!

In order to maximize both the experience and the amount of returns, prospective clients are strongly encouraged to review the list of documents and tasks below to make sure they come to the Tax Center prepared.

What to bring to file your taxes:
• W2/1099misc/1099SSA
• 1098, Family mortgage interest statement
• Power of attorney, if necessary
• Prior year tax return
• Proof of dependent care expenses
• Interest income statement (e.g., 1099INT)
• Identity theft pin
• Dividend income statement (e.g., 1099DIV)
• 1099B, for stocks/bonds
• Statements reflecting capital gains/loss
• 1095, Proof of medical insurance Coverage
• Photo identification
• Social security card for self and all members on your return
• Student loan interest statement
• Divorce decree, if minor children
• Proof of educational expenses
• HUD 1 statement (if home purchased during the tax year)
• IRA/TSP contribution statements
• proof of educator expenses
• Account and routing number for direct deposit/debit (cancelled check)
CPT Kyla Nichols is the Tax Center’s Officer-in-Charge this year.  She can be reached at for any inquiries about tax center operations and volunteering opportunities.