We are the Mobilization/Deployment and Stability Support Program (MDSSO)

This program has three (3) tiers of service:

1.  MDSSO helps support community readiness during deployments and emergencies.  We ensure programs align with unit deployment cycles, provide pre and post deployment support and assist unit Commanders with readiness.  As a reminder, units that be away from home station longer than 30 days are required to conduct an ACS Deployment/Seperation brief.  Don't forget to schedule a Spouse Reintegration brief prior to the Soldiers return.  This training is education AND interactive to prepare the Spouses for a successful reunion. 

2.  MDSSO assists Commanders with their Family Readiness Groups (FRGs).  REAL (Readiness Essentials for Army Leaders) Training ciriculium is the primary source for training Family Readiness Group Volunteers. and Command Teams.  SOLDIER READINESS + FAMILY READINESS = UNIT READINESS.

3.  MDSSO is your link to continious support when the EFAC (Emergency Family Assistance Center) is activitated.  This facilty when activated by the Garrison Comander is your "One Stop" shop to get updated information, as well as contact with Installation Agencies in a Family safe facility.  The EFAC is staffed with Garrison and ACS Staff members to help Family during Crisis, Natural Disasters and deployment. 


Check out the Public Access Computer Lab!

Open to Spouses and Families at 7:30 a.m., 8:45 a.m. to Soldiers!

Closed every day at 3:45 p.m. and all day Thursday.

Printing/Copies limited to 5 per Soldier/Family Member No Orders, Documents with PII or sensitive material (medical records, contracts, ect)

On-Line Registration

ACS Eventbrite page offers on-line registration.  Please register for the FRG Trainings you will attend as this helps ACS better use resources and prepare.  CLICK HERE.


Army Community Service is proud to have certified Master Resilience Trainers on staff.  This training has been developed to make Army Soldiers, DA Civilians and Family members more resilient and better able to cope with the stress of Military service and life.  These trainers have been charged with increasing the level of resilience within Army Families.  Being resilient is much more than just "bouncing back",  it is about mental and emotional strength as well.


Are Unit Commanders and First Sergeants required to attend FRG Training?

Unit Commanders and First Sergeants are required to attend the REAL FRG Command Team Training. The 3rd ID Company Commander and First Sergeant Course only provides a overview. The REAL FRG Command Team Training covers regulatory guidance along with the Marne Inspection Program Critical Tasks. The instructors also provide best practices to assist the Command Teams.

Can FRG training be offered in the evening?

Yes. Please call 912-767-4047 to coordinate. Please plan in advance 2-3 weeks.

Is Child Care offered?

No. But we love having children attend our training. We have a play corner along with toys and reading material if you have to bring your child.

Can training be offered on Saturday?

Yes. Please call (912) 767-4047/1257. Please coordinate 2-3 weeks in advance.