The Logistics Readiness Center provides Logistics support to individual Soldiers and units assigned to or mobilizing at Fort Riley during peace or war. The LRC exercises authority over and develops plans and policies for all installation Logistics activities, Supply, Services, Installation Logistics Automated Systems, Maintenance and Transportation. The LRC consists of the Plans & Operations Division, Supply & Services Division, Maintenance Division, and Transportation Division.

Our Vision...

  • Be the most efficient, responsive and effective Logistics organization.
  • Provide unflagging support to the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley to provide trained and ready forces for full spectrum operations.
  • Meet all requirements to rapidly project forces to fight our nation's wars and meet strategic initiatives.
  • Enhance the Quality of Life for our Soldiers, Families and Civilians.


LRC Information

Unit Movements and Freight Section

The Freight Section:

  • Receives shipment requests originating from Fort Riley and United States Army Reserve Units within the surrounding area and assures accuracy and sufficiency of information; determines most efficient, economical, and suitable rates and routes for a variety of commodities being shipped to points within CONUS and overseas.
  • Determines proper freight classification for unique, classified, or hazardous materials, weapons, and other types of commodities requiring special handling.
  • Plans for large scale movement of equipment to and from remote training sites; prepares and processes Government Bills of Lading (GBL), Commercial Bills of Lading (CBL) and other related documents for outbound shipments.
  • Receives advance notice of incoming shipments and reviews inbound shipment documents for accuracy and identification of discrepancies.
  • Obtains and processes documentation pertinent to discrepant shipments and submits to appropriate agencies, traces, and follows up on delayed shipments.
  • Provides customers with information pertaining to outbound and inbound shipments and maintains a variety of regulations, publications, tariffs and guides as well as a variety of records and files in support of freight operations.
  • Prepares cost studies and provides cost estimates to ensure that budget requests submitted by units or activities are as realistic as possible.
  • Provides technical advice on loading/unloading operations, packing, crating, blocking, bracing, tie-down, marking and labeling procedures to ensure that shipments are in compliance with local, state and federal, military and international regulations and guidelines governing intrastate, interstate and international traffic.
  • Supervises operation of the rail yard and accounts for all rail equipment located on Fort Riley tracks.


Supervisor – (785) 239-3441
(785) 239-3825
(785) 239-8150
(785( 239-3943
(785) 239-3804
(785) 239-3786
(785) 239-3944
(785) 239-8488


  • Exercise staff responsibility for Departure/Arrival Airfield Control Group (D/AACG).
  • Operates D/AACG Rear on Fort Riley during all major deployments.
  • Maintains accountability and reports all system 463L pallets and nets on hand.
  • Conducts MTOE unit movement planning based on divisional and non-divisional MTOE unit input and United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM).
  • Coordinates and supervises the maintenance of MTOE unit movement data for air, highway, and railroad plans.
  • Monitors allocation to Hazardous Cargo and Airload.
  • Plans classes for all MTOE units assigned and attached to Fort Riley.
  • Maintains accountability for all MILVANS/ISSO shipping containers and chassis on the installation.
  • Develops a maintenance program for all certified shipping containers and chassis.
  • Ensures personnel are certified to inspect ISSO containers.
  • Coordinates all JA/ATT aircraft mission support to include air drop.
  • Approves Facilities Engineering Work Requests, DA Form 4283, for Blocking, Bracing, Packing, Crating, Tie down and Shoring (BBPCT&S) materials for deploying units.
  • Develops, coordinates, and executes unit movements for all training and strategic deployments by all modes of transportation.
  • Reviews, coordinates, and approves all movement plans for mobilizing reserve component units.
  • Provides technical expertise and guidance to unit commanders and staff.
  • Coordinates transportation and movements with 1ID, 1AD, III Corps, V Corps, and FORSCOM.


Transportation Detachments . The two Transportation Detachments are under operational control of the Movements and Freight Work Center and provide specific functions as specified in their Mission Essential Task List during unit deployments and re-deployments. When not engaged performing METL tasks or other military training personnel of the Transportation Detachments are employed within their Military Occupational Skill in support of the mission of the Freight Section and the Contract Business Center.

The M&FWC is located in building 1502, Camp Funston.

Building 1502 (Camp Funston), the LRC Movement and Freight Work Center will no longer accept FEDEX (Federal Express) shipments. All FEDEX shipments should be brought to building 7920 (Star building) on Custer Hill. Packages must be accompanied by a shipment request memorandum (with proper fund cite or APC) or Shipping Documents DD Form 1348-1 and DD Form 1149.

For any questions or concerns, please call the Movement and Freight Work Center at (785)239-3943.

Laundry Services

Laundry drop off and dry cleaning services are located at 8321 Wells Drive on Custer Hill. Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 0730-1600, and will remain open on designated Garrison Resiliency Days. Services are offered to all Active military personnel (TA-50) and Reserve Component. Authorization is also extended to foreign national military and authorized contractors that meet requirements IAW AR 210-130. For further information, call (785) 239-3555.

CIF Information

Contact Information

Location: Bldg. 7920C Kitty Road, on Custer Hill for Issues and turn-ins.

Chemical Defense Equipment (CDE) contingency stocks are issued from Bldg. 7920. Units should contact CIF for issue of flight clothing, CVC uniforms, maternity uniforms, and cook whites.

Phone Numbers:

CIF Manager - Building 7920, (785) 239-4895
CIF Turn-in Appointment - Building 7920C, (785) 240-2500
CIF PBO - Building 7920, (785) 239-5938


  • Get off I-70 at Exit 301, Marshall Airfield Gate.
  • You will be on Henry Drive, keep on this and the road will veer to the right and become Dickman Avenue.
  • Stay on Dickman Avenue until you come to a STOP sign.
  • Take a left and then an immediate right and you will be on Caisson Hill Road.
  • You will come to a STOP sign – Go through it after stopping.
  • You will come to another STOP sign.
  • Take a right and you will be on 1st Division Road, stay on this road.
  • You will come to a traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on 1st Division Road.
  • Stay straight on 1st Division Road and it will run into Apennines Drive, continue on Apennines Drive.
  • Look for Graves Street and take a right on it. (Note you will pass by the front of Bldg. 7920 before you get to Graves Street, but you want to go to the back side of Bldg. 7920.)
  • After turning right on Graves Street you will come to a four-way STOP sign.
  • Take a right and you will be on Kitty Drive.
  • Start looking to your right and you will see a sign saying Central Issue Facility. Turn into this parking lot.


0800-0900, Mon-Fri - Senior in-processing
0930-1130 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - Juniors
0800-1400 Wednesday - DX partial turn-in
1400-1530 Wednesday - Turn-in of 10 items or less

Turn In Preparation

a. Use AKO to view your clothing records. Individual clothing records may be reviewed and printed from AKO by going to the "MY CLOTHING" link.

b. When viewing clothing records, pay particular attention to the PCS Tran and ETS Tran columns. If the item has an "N" in this column, it must be turned in.

c. Inventory your equipment. Process adjustment documents at unit before coming to CIF.

d. Ensure all equipment is clean and dry and all repairs made IAW TM10-8400-201-23.

e. Spray paint over any markings on duffel bag with sand color paint.

f. Clean entrenching tool and spray paint with flat black paint if there are scratches or rust spots.

g. Ensure that the rucksack is completely disassembled as it appears on your OCIE clothing record.

h. Remove pads from inside of helmet, chin strap, and cover from helmet. Leave the chin strap mounting screws and brackets attached to the helmet. Ensure that the entire helmet is clean.

i. Ensure that the sleep system is completely separated and unzipped.

j. Ensure that if you have any names or SSN on barracks bag, cover it with a rectangle shape using a black marker.

k. Remove name tapes from all equipment.

l. Ensure you have your clearance papers and valid ID card when you arrive at the CIF. You must be in duty or PT uniform.

Turn In Procedures

a. CIF appointments are on the Soldier's clearance papers when picked up from the Out-Processing Center, B210.

b. The only walk-in Soldiers accepted will be those who have already conducted a turn-in and have 10 items or less remaining on their clothing record (1400-1500 Mon-Fri).

c. Units requesting bulk issue of items must prepare DA Form 3161, Request for Issue or Turn-in, and have a current DA Form 1687, Delegation of Authority, on file at the CIF. For bulk issue of CDE, units prepare DA Form 3161 and have it approved by G3 Chemical prior to pick up at B7920, B-Wing.

d. Soldiers ordering through E-Order must have at least 30 days remaining before deployment date. All items received through E-Order will be jointly inventoried and placed on the Soldiers clothing record prior to deployment.

e. Soldiers conducting business at CIF must be in duty or PT uniform and possess a valid ID card.

f. The CIF maintains one copy of the Soldier's clothing record. One copy to the soldier.

g. Soldiers should inventory all items issued before signing clothing record and departing CIF.


Exchanges are on an individual basis and only when determined items were damaged due to fair wear-and-tear (0730-1400 on Wed).