Fort Riley Ranges provide support to all units assigned to Fort Riley and units that request facilities necessary to accomplish both live fire and maneuver training exercises. Range Support ensures safe conduct of training, in accordance with Army and local regulations and policies. Range Support provides seamless Warfighter training needs on Fort Riley's Ranges and maneuver Areas.

Ranges and maneuver areas are available for small arms and machine gun fire, hand or rifle grenades, rockets, mortars, artillery, aviation and track vehicle gunneries, NBC training, demolitions, combined arms exercises, and airdrop operations. Range Support also has Obstacle and Confidence Courses, Rappel Tower and Field Leadership Reactionary Course to enhance training for Air Assault Operations.

RMFSS - Range Facility Management Support System

Range Information

Ranges Overview

  • Impact Area Off Set
  • 68K Acres of Unrestricted Maneuver Terrain/BDE Live Fire
  • Minimal encroachment
  • Minimal endangered species
  • Infantry Terrain-South, East
  • 28 Ranges
  • 8 Automated
  • 3 Multi-Purpose Ranges
  • 260 Miles Roads/Tank Trails
  • 30K Acres (Smoky Hill)--No Duds (Inert KS AFNG)
  • Airspace available

Ranges Map

Douthit Gunnery Complex

Available Equipment and Facilities:

  • Billets for 546 w/heat, AC and Telephone line in
  • Headquarters Building
  • Motor pool
  • DFAC
  • First Aid Bldg
  • Field Gym/Classroom
  • Laundry and Latrine facilities
  • Stationary Armor Targets (SAT)
  • Moving Armor Targets (MAT)
  • Moving Infantry Targets (MIT)
  • Stationary Infantry Targets
  • Battle Positions (BP) 18
  • Facades (12)
  • Hardened Helipads 12
  • Battle Effects Simulators (BES) 99
  • Urban Village (5 Buildings)
  • Air Ground Integration
  • (AGI) Village 2
  • Bunkers 2
  • Trench 1
  • Digital Cameras
  • 1200m Boresight Panel