Welcome to the Fort Polk Wildlife Management Area Public Information Site.

Hunting license must be obtained prior to hunting during any special hunt or regular season. Hunting and recreational activities require one of three items for use of Fort Polk or Peason Ridge Wildlife Management Areas:
1. A Louisiana Hunting License with a Wildlife Management Area Permit
2. A Louisiana Fishing License
3. A Wild Louisiana Stamp
Note: You should check the maps posted at self-clearing check stations for updated information. This schedule is subject to change for urgent training priorities. Just in case, it's recommended you call the Fort Polk Game Warden Office prior to traveling long distance to hunt at Fort Polk.

This site provides information on open hunting seasons, maps and schedules of open or closed areas, and contacts at Fort Polk for additional information. Please be sure to read all of the information here as well as the regulations for hunting, fishing, and trapping at Fort Polk and Peason Ridge before planning your trip.

Maps and Schedules
In the links below you will find two maps, one for Fort Polk area  and another for the Peason Ridge area. The date or dates listed on the map identifies the open and closed areas for that day or date range. The closed areas for that date will be indicated in light red. Once the map is displayed, you can right click on the map to access menu options such as zoom in, zoom out, and print.

Maps are posted at Self-Clearing Check Stations during hunting and non-hunting seasons. Maps may not posted to this site during the non-hunting months. If maps are not posted you must call or make contact with the Game Enforcement Office to check what areas are open for recreational activities.