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Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality of religious services and spiritual care for the JRTC and Fort Polk community that it will ensure the nation's commitment to our National's constitutional rights to exercise religious freedom and recognition of the integral part faith has in the military, our family's and DA civilians.

Chapel Worship Services:

Chapel Next (Contemporary): 1000 Sundays @ Main Post Chapel

Roman Catholic Service: 0830 Sundays @ Main Post Chapel

Gospel Service: 1200 Sundays @ Main Post Chapel

"Jesus is Better" Hebrews Bible Study: 0900 @ Main Post Chapel


Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC): 0900-1100 Tuesdays

Catholic Women of the Chapel : 0900-1100 Wednesdays @ Glory Chapel

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS): 1800 Thursdays 

Youth of the Chapel : 1700 1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ Glory Chapel

Adult Bible Study: 1800 Wednesdays

Religious Support Staff:

Senior Garrison Chaplain: CH (COL) Scott Hammand

Deputy Garrison Chaplain: CH (LTC) Kenneth M. Godwin

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

Sustainment Analyst

Catholic Community Chaplain

Director of Religious Education

Family Life Chaplain

Resource Manager