The Army Tax Center has moved to Kadena Air Base.

(Open for service starting 14 Feb. 2022). 

Please use the Joint Tax Center on Kadena for tax assistance.
All services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Please visit the Kadena Legal Office webpage for more
details on how to make an appointment.






Q. When and where can I get my 2021 Federal and State Income taxes prepared?

A. The Army Tax Center has moved to Kadena AB. If you need taxassistance, please visit the Kadena Legal Office webpage for more details onhow to making an appointment.

Q. What documents should I gather to bring to the tax center?

A. Please see the list below.
1. Completed IRS Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet -- Form 13614-C and completed Additional Taxpayer Information Sheet, and a Rental Worksheet (if you were a landlord with rental property in 2020).

2. DOD / Military Identification Card

3. Social Security Numbers: You must have Social Security Numbers Cards for all family members. If you have a nonresident alien spouse and are filing a joint return, you will also need an ITIN card or photocopy. NOTE: Children or parents who are dependents must have a Social Security Number to be claimed on your tax return. (ITIN

4. Amount Received for both Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payments in 2020 (EIP 1 & EIP 2).

5. Bank Routing and Account Numbers: If you want to have your return electronically filed and expect a refund, we must have the name of your bank, your account number and the bank routing number. These are generally found on your checks. Deposit slips are not a reliable source for bank routing numbers. If necessary you can obtain the information from the "my pay" website under "direct deposit". However, please print this information before coming to the tax center. We do not have the resources to look-up this information for you. Your tax return will not be started if you do not have your bank information with you.

6. Forms W-2 and 1099, and all other tax related documents.

7. Copy of 2019 Federal and State Income Tax Returns.

8. Child Care Credit: For each child care provider you must have the name, address, SSN or EIN, and the total amount paid for the year to each provider for each child.

9. IRA: Amount(s) contributed on or before April 15, 2021. If applicable, amount(s) of any prior years non-deductible contributions. (Bring previous year Form 8606).

10. Rental Property: Bring a copy of your 2019 tax return, a completed rental worksheet that includes the amount of 2020 rental income received and expenses paid (advertising, auto and travel, cleaning and maintenance, commissions, insurance, legal and professional fees, management fees, mortgage interest, repairs, supplies, taxes, utilities, depreciation, and other expenses). If 2020 was a “first year” rental, be sure to let the tax center know in advance. First year rentals are more difficult and more information is needed.

11. Child Care Providers: Bring all documentation to support income you received, and expenses you incurred for the business. All information must be in order and the amounts totaled by category. Please Note: no "shoe boxes" of receipts.

12. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Provide the employer's name and address (if applicable), your physical address (not mailing), exact date you arrived on Okinawa, exact dates of time spent in the U.S. during the year (U.S. dates are necessary, regardless of your reason for the U.S. visit). Passports are useful for this purpose.

13. Sale of Stocks/Mutual Funds: Bring tax documents (1099B) to identify purchase price, number of shares purchased, sales price and number of shares sold. In most cases your broker will provide the required information. Calculating gain/loss is a time consuming process. Therefore, if your broker does not provide you with a realized gain/loss statement and you have more than 5 sales, you may be referred to a paid preparer depending on our workload.

14. Power of Attorney: If your spouse will not be present for the preparation of your taxes, you must have a Power of Attorney (POA). Either a Special POA for Taxes or a General POA is acceptable provided it specifies filing income "taxes". Bring the original and a copy of the POA to your appointment. Your tax return will not be completed without the POA.

15. Tax Intercepts or Tax Debts: All correspondence from the IRS advising you of the intent to deduct funds from your tax return, or of an amount you owe. If you filed your original return through an internet tax service, such as TurboTax, bring printouts of all documents associated with this return.

16. If you are filing state returns please bring the county name and school district name.

17. Education credits: Please bring the form 1098-T.