An Emergency Evacuation can occur in any location in the world where American citizens (AMCITs) reside and under a variety of circumstances. An emergency evacuation could potentially occur from Japan and thought must be given to the political, geographic and environmental considerations surrounding the country. It is important to note that an emergency evacuation may take place due to a variety of reasons and at different rates and levels, and therefore would not always be considered a “noncombatant evacuation operation”. The term Emergency Evacuation Operation (EEO) will be the general term used as it applies to USARJ’s Emergency Evacuation Program (EEP).

The domestic situation in Japan is stable. However, Japan is a natural disaster prone country. Furthermore, secondary and tertiary effects of a natural disaster may also warrant an evacuation as in the case with the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor during the 3/11 earthquake. The most likely evacuation scenario would be due to major natural disaster.

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