Mission Installation Contracting Command, Fort Novosel is an installation-level contracting office. MICC Fort Novosel ensures the installation's needs are met through the acquisition of supplies, services and construction. Support is provided to USAACE and Fort Novosel in accomplishing its mission, the mission of its tenant activities, and other satellite units.

Our vision is to provide the ultimate in contracting services for Fort Novosel and the U.S. Army; an installation contracting office that is considered as the premier contracting office for both base operations and mission acquisitions in the Department of the Army.

The goal of MICC Fort Novosel is to provide quality products and services to our servicemembers and command. Our ability to do this depends largely on the participation, cooperation, and capability of the contractors with whom we do business. We believe in full and open competition. As a result, we encourage and solicit new sources.

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Director, Mission and Installation Contracting Command

Director, MICC, Fort Novosel

Nicole McKenzie

Nicole McKenzie has served in leadership positions of increasing complexity and responsibility since 2010 and has a reputation for mentoring and providing leadership in organizations with highly visible and public requirements. As a mentor, McKenzie focuses intently on professional development, on an individual level and for the organization. In her nearly 15 years as a civil servant, McKenzie has gained experience in practically every area of government contracting. McKenzie is a DAWIA Level III certified professional with... READ MORE