InsigniaThe U.S. Army SERE School conducts the SERE Level–C Course in accordance with Joint and Army Personnel Recovery Doctrine in order to train service members, DOD Civilians, and contractors who are identified as being at high risk of isolation on the Code of Conduct and tactics, techniques, and procedures of survival, escape, resistance, and evasion, enabling them to survive isolation and captivity to “Return with Honor.”

Who Attends SERE-C Training at the U.S. Army SERE School

IAW AR 350-1, All Officers who have branched Aviation are required to graduate from the U.S. Army SERE School (Level C) at Fort Novosel, unless they have previously attended another level C SERE School.

The following categories of personnel are highly encouraged to attend the U.S. Army SERE School at Fort Novosel:

  • Personnel who have the following MOS/ASI/SQI: enlisted aircrew members (includes medical evacuation aircrew members); snipers; pathfinders; military attaches; or personnel assigned to the following type units or duty positions: reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition battalions; long range reconnaissance and surveillance units;
  • Soldiers whose deployment duties will likely require them to operate with little security outside of secure operating bases. This may include, but is not limited to: police transition teams, military transition teams, border transition teams, security force assistance advisory teams, and selected maneuver support and maneuver sustainment personnel;
  • Counterintelligence and HUMINT personnel whose deployment duties will likely require them to engage in operational collection outside of secure operating bases (e.g. serving on a tactical HUMINT team or HUMINT collection team);
  • Counterintelligence or HUMINT personnel assigned to DCS,G–2 or DCS,G–2 duty position;
  • Criminal investigation division agents and military police whose deployment duties will likely require them to engage in criminal intelligence, investigations or police intelligence operations outside of secure operating bases.

Soldiers not included in the above listed categories may attend U.S. Army Level-C SERE School at Fort Novosel if a battalion commander or higher-level commander has determined level-C SERE training is required. This determination should be based on duty assignment, sensitive knowledge, and/or risk of isolation, capture, or exploitation. Army personnel may attend SERE level-C training at other DOD-approved service SERE school.

See your unit’s schools representative to secure a slot at the USA SERE School through ATTRS. Additional packet requirements can be found on the US Army SERE MilSuite page. (CAC Login Required)