The Commander’s Readiness and Resiliency Council functions as the commanding general’s executive agency for the recommendation of priorities and the implementation, synchronization, reporting and assessment of all Ready and Resilient Campaign plan functions. The CR2C will synchronize activities, assess and monitor installation high-risk mitigation strategies, improve readiness and resilience, and advance health promotion, risk reduction and suicide prevention efforts.

To ensure a Ready and Resilient force...

The U.S. Army promotes resiliency through the Ready and Resiliency Campaign. The campaign integrates and synchronizes multiple efforts and initiatives to improve the readiness and resilience of the Total Army-Soldiers (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard), Department of the Army Civilians and Families. Ready and Resilient will build upon mental, physical, emotional, behavioral and spiritual resilience in our Soldiers, Families and Civilians to enhance their ability to manage the rigors and challenges of a demanding profession. At the heart of this initiative is a focus on building the personal as an enabler to achieving enhanced performance, which directly links to the increased readiness of the individual, their unit and the Total Army. 

R2 Performance Center

The R2 Performance Center offers several specialized mental skills tailored to the needs of each Soldier and/or unit. All of our trainers have backgrounds in sport and performance psychology and provide services similar to those received by professional athletes. These skills can be taught during other trainings in order to allow Soldiers to experience the effectiveness of mental skills in the moment. For example, mental skills training can increase the probability of experiencing flow, improved confidence and task focus.

Additionally, we offer individual and group trainings, Academic Performance Training, Deployment Cycle Resilience Training, Executive Resilience Performance Course, Leadership Development Course, ENGAGE, Teambuilding and MRT-C Level 1. 

Fort Novosel Army Wellness Center

The Fort Novosel Army Wellness Center offers free primary prevention programs and services which enhance and sustain healthy lifestyles to improve the overall wellbeing of Soldiers, dependents, retirees and DA/DoD Civilians. The AWC approach is holistic, taking into consideration each individual's physical, psychological, and social circumstances when providing services. Services include health assessment/disease risk, biometric screening, exercise testing, exercise prescription, body composition analysis, metabolic testing, biofeedback, stress management, health coaching, general wellness education/classes, good sleep habits, and tobacco education.

Appointments, classes, and group health coaching sessions may be scheduled by calling (334) 255-3923.