ERB/SRB Notice

OPFD is accepting archived ERB/SRBs in IPERMS until April 30, 2023. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we actively work other solutions.

DMOS verification (one of the following):

  • The archived SRB from IPERMS if it reflects the Soldier’s current slot during the award period.
  • A memorandum signed by the ATP commander stating the Soldier’s paragraph, line number, Soldier’s DMOS from/through dates while filling an “F” coded slot.
  • Current Unit Manning Report (UMR)

Grade/Rank Waiver packets will include:

  • Signed DA Form 4187 to include para/lin, duty title, UIC, justification, info of currently assigned unit, and/or, para/lin of the unit the servicemember will be placed in upon completion of training, and both company and battalion commander signatures.
  • Current copy of ERB/SRB to validate ASVAB/AFCT line scores. If Soldier’s scores and date taken have changed, the servicemember will provide a memorandum from the education center or equivalent documentation.
  • DD Form 2808 most current to validate PULHES and color vision.
  • State Surgeon Waiver (NG Only) stating Soldier is capable of performing duties with associated MOS required when servicemember’s PULHES does not meet criteria specified in DA Pam 611-21.
  • Personnel Qualification Record (PQR) current copy of PQR (NG only).
  • Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) Certificate a security JPAS printout or a memo validating proof of SECRET (or interim) security clearance for a MOS listed in DA Pam 611-21 requiring a clearance. The Soldier's S-2 or security manager must provide the validation.
  • DD Form 214 required for any current active duty servicemember with a break in service, all National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers.
  • DA Form 3340 from local retention NCO
  • Documented Aviation Experience
    • Previous Army Aviation ASI/MOS producing certificates (DA Form 1059 or Diploma)
    • All previous NCOES DA Form 1059s
    • NCOER (last five NCOERs as applicable)
    • A & P License o Civilian Appraisals (minimum of two years experience with aircraft specific to requested MOS)
    • DA 7817 Aviation Maintainer Record if applicable to verify designated maintenance level for the following MOSs: 15B, 15D, 15F, 15N, 15Y, 15H, 15E, 15G, 15M, 15R, 15T, 15U, 15L, 15K.
    • Job Book/ACN (minimum of one year experience with aircraft specific to requested MOS)
    • College Transcripts