OPFD is the Aviation Proponent and approval authority for Officer, Warrant Officer, and Enlisted waiver requests and Aviation Badge written endorsements for all Components (Active—Compo 1, National Guard—Compo 2, & Reserves—Compo 3). When sending waiver and endorsement requests, please forward to applicable COMPO e-mail distro; failure to send to do so may lead to a delay in packet processing.

The OPFD Enlisted Division receives, analyses, processes the following waiver requests to ensure Soldier meets requirements of AR 601-210 and DA Pam 611-21:


  • Aviation Badges: Provides written endorsements for Aviation Badges IAW AR 600-8-22 for qualified personnel who do not have a COL/O–6 or above holding an aeronautical rating of Army aviator in their chain of command.
  • Grade/Rank Waivers: All Aviation MOS Skill Level 10 Aviation training courses must have an approved Grade/Rank Waiver for SPC/E-4 (P) and above. Grade/Rank Waivers for SGT (P) and above will only be approved under extreme circumstances.
  • Line Score Waivers: Utilized if a Soldier or potential enlistee meets or exceeds all MOS requirements for initial entry/reclassification, except in the critical aptitude area (ASVAB Line Score) of the chosen MOS as stated in DA PAM 611-21.
  • Formal Training Waivers: Used in lieu of attending an Army Aviation MOS-Q formal training IAW DA PAM 611-21 and AR 601-210. An MOS Crosswalk and ICTL Evaluation is required.
  • Training Verification: Utilized for Soldier or potential re-enlistees who previously graduated a CMF 15 MOS, goes elsewhere for some time, and requests to return to that same MOS. OPFD assess whether the Soldier is still qualified in that MOS or if they must reattend training.


OPFD processes waiver requests within 30 days of receipt of all required documents. OPFD will forward final disposition of waiver requests to Packet POC for distribution. OPFD will reach out to the Packet POC for necessary documents as needed; packets that go 2 weeks without Packet POC communication will be marked incomplete and OPFD actions discontinued.




Active Duty (AC) - COMPO 1

  • FROM: Unit TO: Cdr. USAACE,
  • ATTN: ATZQ-CDF-P, Fort Novosel, AL 36362-5000



National Guard (NG) - COMPO 2

  • ATTN: NGB-ARNG-AV, 111 South George Mason  Drive, Arlington, VA  22204-1382



United States Army Reserves (USAR) - COMPO 3

  • FROM: Unit THROUGH USAR Commander, 11th AVN CMD
  • ATTN: G3 (ARRC-AKY-OP), 1160 Brandenburg Station Road, Fort Knox, KY 40121-4190




  • Career Management NCO Chief: (334) 255-3777 (DSN 558)
  • Reserve Component (USAR/ARNG) Liaison: (334) 255-3777 (DSN 558)
  • Career Management NCO: (334) 255-2653/3499/1602 (DSN 558)