The Directorate of Training and Doctrine develops Army Aviation training; doctrinal literature for Aviation Branch; gunnery and aircraft survivability equipment issues; and the Aviation Combined Arms Training Strategy.

Operations and Support Division. The Operations and Support Division performs administrative, personnel and logistics operations of the directorate, to include out-year planning and strategy.

Tactics Division. The Tactics Division manages the development, production and quality control of all doctrinal publications for Army Aviation and ensures Aviation doctrine is correctly integrated into the doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures of other branches of the Army as well as joint doctrine. Tactics Division is the focal point for the center in lessons learned of Aviation operations and the Aircraft Shoot Down Assessment Team.

Tactical Operations Branch of Tactics Division’s primary duties are to standardize, implement, supervise, and execute the Army’s Aviation TACOPS Officer Program.

Gunnery Branch of Tactics Division develops and integrates the Army’s aerial gunnery program and is the proponent for the Helicopter Gunnery training circular TC 3-04.45.

Training Division. The Training Division, consisting of Warrior Training, Warrior Modernization, and Flight Training Branches, conducts individual training analysis and course design for Aviation institutional courseware and sustainment training packages according to the systems approach to training process and Army XXI training principles. It provides training development expertise to manage, write, review, and coordinate Aviation training support materials, as well as management of all interactive multimedia products. These products include the Army Training Courseware, programs of instruction, Soldier training publications, and selected aircrew training manuals. Training Division also acts as the executive agent for the USAACE responsibilities in the Army School System.