The Equal Employment Opportunity Office advises commanders, directors, managers, supervisors and employees on assuring equal employment opportunity for all employees, applicants for employment, former employees and certain contract workers.

EEOO provides an array of services to employees, commanders, managers and supervisors with regard to equal employment opportunity and human capital management on a routine or as required basis.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Office provides the following support to the Fort Novosel community:

  • EEO complaint processing with mediation
  • Training and development
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Employee surveys
  • Community outreach Programs

EEOO provides direction and coordination for the development and implementation of plans, policies and procedures for the installation's affirmative employment programs.

EEOO also develops and conducts training in diversity management, EEO for supervisors, managers and employees, and other matters related to EEO.

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