The Range Operations Branch controls over 44,000 acres of training lands and nearly 14,000 acres of impact area. This includes 20 Live Fire Ranges, two Tactical Training Bases, two Urban Operations Sites, two Leadership Reaction Courses, a CBRN training facility, three Land Navigation Courses, the Aviation Gunnery Range Complex, and various bivouac and FTX sites. The Aviation Gunnery Range Complex has 31 hover fire pads and 3 close combat attack run and dive firing lanes.

Points of Contact

Range Operations Firing Desk (334) 255-4303 or (334) 255-4486
Range Ops Cell/Safety/Scheduling (334) 255-4793 or (334) 255-4978

Training Site Scheduling and Availability

Fort Novosel training site scheduling and availability may be accessed at the Range Facility Management Support System.

RFMSS interface provides units visiting Fort Novosel and those located on the installation with a non-graphical remote scheduling tool and are used to determine facility availability, submit/view scheduling requests and read published Range Bulletins. Units without a RFMSS account can acquire a login by contacting the Fort Novosel Range Operations Office at (334) 255-4978.

Requested Timelines

Most range and training areas must be scheduled no later than 30 days out. You are REQUIRED to attend squaring meeting (at Range Operations) no later than 10 days prior to scheduled event. All squaring meetings are held on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. Failure to attend may result in cancellation of your event. Phone (334) 255-4987.

Required Training Documents

The following documents are REQUIRED to lock in your training:

Firing Desk, Ranges and Training Areas

The Fort Novosel Range Operations Firing Desk is operational 24/7 except on major holidays. Call Range Operations at (334) 255-4303 for availability and requirements. Training or range maintenance may impact POW range availability.
A list of ranges with weapons authorized and facilities provided in each area.
A list of training areas operated by Fort Novosel Range Operations Branch.

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