The Training Division provides seamless support to our customers with training opportunities in meeting mission requirements. Our approach centers on full spectrum operations by enabling live, virtual and constructive training environments supported by ammunition, training lands, facilities, visual information services and Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations to meet training objectives.

Range Branch

Range Branch schedules, manages and controls the use of Fort Novosel ranges and training areas in accordance with Fort Novosel Regulation 385-1. We provide Integrated Training Area Management and Training Ammunition Management forecasting to enhance training standards.

Integrated Training Area Management

The Integrated Training Area Management program ensures that all Army training lands are available for sustained perpetual use by providing a comprehensive approach to land management, and is based on the integration of military mission, natural resources stewardship, and environmental compliance. READ MORE

Range Operations

Range Operations manages over 44,000 acres of training lands and nearly 14,000 acres of impact area on Fort Novosel. This includes live fire ranges, tactical training bases, urban operations sites, leadership reaction courses, land navigation courses, a CBRN training facility, various bivouac and FTX sites and the Aviation Gunnery Range Complex. The Aviation Gunnery Range Complex has 31 hover fire pads and three close combat attack run and dive firing lanes. READ MORE

Training Ammunition Management

Training Ammunition Management is the central point of contact for account creation and the assignment of user rights for POI units and Garrison units on Fort Novosel who require access to the automated Total Ammunition Management Information System. Ammunition management section provides support and services for all training and operational ammunition requirements/authorizations. READ MORE

TADSS Branch

Multimedia Visual Information Service Center

The Multimedia Visual Information Service Center is an authorized DA facility that provides in-studio photography and loan and issue equipment (portable sound systems) in support of battalion-level and below ceremonies and training events. MVISC provides services to satisfy official mission and training requirements.

Training Support Center

The Training Support Center encompasses several service support areas whose goals are to provide our Warfighters with a comprehensive suite of training enablers. TSC provides maintenance and operation for items such as the Engagement Skills Trainer II (EST II), HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT). Train-the-Trainer Classes are available for simulators such as IWS Miles, Blast Simulator, TC6 Landmine and many others. The Warehouse provides one stop service to users requiring training aids support materials and devices. The Device Fabrication Shop provides locally fabricated devices to enhance classroom training.

Training Division Phone Directory

Training Division, Bldg. 24314, Hwy. 27, Fort Novosel, AL 36362

Chief, Training Division (334) 255-4837/0828 (DSN 558)
IT Specialist (334) 255-4019 (DSN 558)

Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations, Bldg. 550, Raider Street

Chief, TADSS Branch (334) 255-2620 (DSN 558)
Supply Specialist (334) 255-3077 (DSN 558)
Quality Assurance Specialist (334) 255-3072 (DSN 558)

Training Support Center

Contract Project Manager (334) 255-9745 (DSN 558)
Scheduler (334) 255-0888 (DSN 558)
Property Control (334) 255-2156 (DSN 558)
Warehouse (334) 255-9783 (DSN 558)

Multimedia Visual Information Service Center, Bldg. 535, Ave. L

Visual Information Specialist (Quality Assurance) (334) 255-2950 (DSN 558)
DA Studio - Fort Novosel Installation (334) 255-3449/2805/2116 (DSN 558)
DA Studio - 7th SFG Compound Eglin (850) 885-2245
Contract Project Manager (334) 255-9770 (DSN 558)

Range Branch, Bldg. 24314, Hwy. 27

Chief, Range Branch (334) 255-4837 (DSN 558)
Installation Range Officer (334) 255-4206 (DSN 558)
Quality Assurance Officer (334) 255-4443 (DSN 558)
Range Operations Firing Desk (334) 255-4303/4486 (DSN 558)
Range Safety (334) 255-4793 (DSN 558)
Range Scheduling (334) 255-4978 (DSN 558)
Range Tech/QAE (334) 255-4449 (DSN 558)

Training Ammunition Management

Ammunition Managers (334) 255-4744/4691 (DSN 558)


ITAM Coordinator (334) 255-4811 (DSN 558)