Chapters (334) 255-1842
Medical Separations (334) 255-1842
Transitions (334) 255-1815 or (334) 255-1803
Retirement Processing (334) 255-1779
Officer Separations (334) 255-2700
Special Actions (334) 255-2700 or (334) 255-1779
OCONUS Leaves (334) 255-0786
Mobilization (334) 255-1819
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, IAW AR 670-1, paragraph 3-7a.

All ETS orders are published 180 days prior to scheduled discharge date and emailed to the Soldier’s brigade S-1. All Soldiers should check with their unit S1 for their orders.

If you are stationed at Fort Novosel, you can pick up installation clearing papers 10 business days prior to the start of your PTDY/transition leave. If you are not stationed at Fort Novosel, then it would be the last working day prior to going on leave.

To pick up installation clearing papers you will need a copy of your orders, approved leave form (DA 31) with control number, and unit clearing papers (DA Form 137-1) with blocks 1-10 completed or a memorandum from your unit.

On your final out date, bring a copy of your flight records with you to see your transition clerk at the Military Personnel Division.


Please see section on this webpage for detailed information regarding getting copies of your DD 214.

IAW AR 600-8-24, the time frame to submit your packet for retirement is no earlier than 12 months prior and no later than nine months of your requested date. Anything outside the 9-12 month processing window will require a letter of lateness signed by the company commander of your unit.

IAW 600-8-24, any RA officer or USAR officer who has completed their eight-year military service obligation may submit a request for unqualified resignation, provided all service remaining requirements have been met. Applications will be submitted not earlier than 12 months or less than six months prior to the requested separation date. The six-month requirement may be waived by the separation approval authority. Appropriate documentation must accompany the request.

Officer unqualified resignation memorandum, counseling memorandum signed by brigade commander (O6), reserve counseling memorandum, declination statement if Soldier is in promotable status, sexual assault memorandum, and Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program form (DD Form 2648) signed by Soldier and SFL-TAP counselor.

Yes. IAW AR 600-8-24, an officer who requests REFRAD before completing the eight-year MSO must complete the MSO in a reserve component or submit a resignation under chapter three of this regulation with a request for waiver of the MSO by the Assistant Secretary of the Army, M&RA.

Yes. IAW AR 600-8-24, an officer may request withdrawal of resignation at any time prior to commencing travel pursuant to orders issued for the purpose of separating the officer. The request, including reasons, will be forwarded through channels.

Yes, so our office will be able to determine the correct start point of your service computation. We understand that some documents will be hard to retrieve after many years of service and we will address those circumstances on an individual basis.

Once your packet is submitted to HRC, retirements branch currently processes within 4-6 weeks. After your request is approved, HRC will provide an approval memorandum for enlisted personnel. A control number is issued for warrant and commissioned officers so our office may cut your orders.

If your DD 214 worksheet needs to be updated, you will need to provide a source document for the discrepancy so we can update your information.

You will qualify for a regular active duty retirement after 20 years of active federal service. Your additional time will be calculated with your active time so you will get credit for all of your time that you have been in the military. Supporting documents needed for guard time is the report of separation and record of service (NGB-22) and Army National Guard current annual statement (NGB-23 form), and for reserve time is the chronological record of military service (DA Form 5016-R).

The date the FLPP test was taken.

The 8th of the previous month.

The losing installation servicing promotion section.

Officers and warrants are contacted by HRC by memorandum for record and provided a list of options on the best course of action. If you have between 15-17 years of active federal service then you will be eligible for a temporary early retirement authority which is voluntary early retirement, at a reduced monthly retirement pay. If you have 18-20 years of AFS then you qualify for a regular 20-year retirement.

If your AFS, after computation, equates to 20 years, then yes you will be entitled to a regular 20-year retirement. Most QMP correspondence will have a list of options that you may be entitled based on your service time. Ensure that you have your service time calculated prior to choosing an option.

If you already have an approved retirement, we will need endorsed documentation from you and your chain of command for you to withdraw from your approved retirement. Enlisted Soldiers will need a DA Form 4187 stating the reason for the withdrawal of the packet. Officers and warrants will need a memorandum for record, stating the reason for withdrawal. The request is submitted to HRC for approval.

Mobilization and Deployment

Which Soldiers need to report to the Mobilization Specialist?

Active Duty for Operational Service (ADOS), Contingency Active Duty Operational Support (CO-ADOS), Army National Guard (ARNG), Army Guard Reserve (AGR), Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA); Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), Retiree Recall, and mobilized Soldiers.

All Soldiers who are Call to Active Duty for 90 days or more should report to MPD’s Mobilization (MOB) Specialist for In-processing which include initial unit of assignment attachment orders, MOBPER (NONUNIT) Tracker, finance and housing briefings; if the Soldier’s active duty tour is to be extended beyond the original number of days on Active Duty, the information must be reported to the MOB Specialist to ensure the Soldier’s name will not drop off the Fort Novosel database for pay purpose, Tricare, etc.

Soldiers on Active Duty for 90-days or more should ensure coordination has been made with MPD’s transition personnel to receive their DD 214 at least two weeks prior to departing Active Duty; if the Active Duty Soldier is the process of PCS, the DD 214 will not be issued due to continued service.

For Soldiers deploying and redeploying, will the Soldier Readiness Procedure (SRP) at Combat Readiness Center (CRC) suffice for not following through with the SRP at the home installation?

No, IAW AR 600-8-101 for all Soldiers deploying and redeploying a SRP is required to stay abreast of the Soldier’s health before leaving home station for the CRC and upon returning to home station.

DD 214 (Certificate of Release of Discharge from Active Duty) Information

Your DD Form 214 is a very important document; it is your only official proof of service. You will present this form to future employers, schools, Veterans Administration, and other agencies. Never give your original DD Form 214 to anyone!

If you lose your DD Form 214, you will have to write to the archives in St. Louis, MO, to request a copy, which could take up to four years. Visit the following web site for more information on requesting a copy of your DD Form 214:

If you are in need of a correction to your DD Form 214, you must submit a written request for correction (DD Form 215). Your request needs to provide details about the items you believe to be in error including copies of documentation that supports the changes.

Discharge/Retired Soldiers & Reserve Soldiers:

Send your request to:

Army Review Boards Agency
Army Board for Correction of Military Records
251 18th Street South, Suite 385
Arlington, VA 22202-3531

Although the Communications Hub Office receives all requests, the actual corrections for Discharge or Retired Soldiers are processed by the Veterans Support Branch and the Reserves are processed by the Regional Soldier Support Centers (RSSC) Directorate.

If necessary, individual Soldiers also have the option of applying to the Army Board of Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) to have the DD Form 214 corrected. However, you must first exhaust all the administrative means available. For further information on the ABCMR visit their web site at

Retirement Process

All initial requests will go through your unit S1. Requests for retirement cannot be made earlier that 12 months or later than 9 months prior to the requested retirement date. If request is received outside this process window, a letter of lateness will need to be provided and endorsed by the company commander in order to be processed by HRC.

For those who have been selected by QMP/QSP, E-SERB, and OSB boards will need to provide a copy of their acknowledgement memorandums from HRC. This will substitute for your letter of lateness if your request is outside the processing window.

Requirements for initial retirement request will be your initial contract, Soldier Record Brief (SRB), active duty orders, retirement coversheet, retirement biography, request memorandum for Officers, DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) for Enlisted which will be endorsed by your chain of command (company through brigade), sexual assault memorandum, and Soldier For Life (SFL) documents. If you have prior service in another component or branch of service, additional documents will be required to ensure your service computation DA Form 2339 (Enlisted Retirement Checklist) or DA Form 7301 (Officer Service Computation for Retirement) is correct.

For the request dates you recommend for your retirement, ensure all Active Duty Service Obligations (ADSOs) and additional time required by transfer of benefits to dependents have been met before the requested dates. This will minimize the possibility of your request being returned without action from HRC.

Physical Disability Retirements

Once we get notification that a SM has been notified that they will receive a physical disability retirement, the MPD will send two copies of a memorandum stating the information related to the retirement including a “No Later Than (NLT) Date” to their company commander. The Soldier can pick that date or any date earlier which becomes the SM’s date of retirement. The two memorandums that are signed by both the SM and company commander, with the retirement date chosen, are resubmitted the for processing.

Officer Separations

All Officers requesting to separate from the Army (not retire) must submit an unqualified resignation packet. A packet may by requested through your S-1. Packets must be submitted HRC 6 months to 12 months out from the requested Expiration – Term of Service (ETS) date.

Paperwork needed from all separating officers (unqualified resignations) include the following:

  • Officer Unqualified Resignation Memorandum
  • Counseling Memorandum Signed by First Line O6
  • Reserve component Memorandum (Contact Reserve Component Office at (706-545-6805)
  • Sexual Assault Memorandum
  • Soldier Record Brief
  • Soldier for Life Paperwork if there is a break in service
Special Actions

All initial requests of actions will be processed through your S1. Include all supporting documents that is required for the actions that you are requesting.

Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) will need to include DA Form 2446 (Request for Orders) and Service Record Brief (SRB)

Flight Pay (Rated Crewmember/Nonrated Crewmember) request will include DA Form 2446 (Request for Orders), DD Form 2992 (Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Duty), and Service Record Brief (SRB)

Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (FLPP) request will include DA Form 2446 (Request for Orders), DD Form 330 (Language Proficiency Questionnaire, and Service Record Brief (SRB)

Experimental Stress Duty (ESD) Pay requests will include memorandum for record or DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action), DD Form 2992 (Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Duty), and Service Record Brief (SRB)

Basic Army Instructor Badge (BAIB) request will include a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action), memorandum certifying 80 hrs of instruction was completed, DA Form 705 (APFT Scorecard) with two current record test, Service Record Brief (SRB), DA Form 87 (Certificate of Basic Instructor Course or Foundation Instructor Course), and two instructor observation rubics (both will need a score of over 24)

Senior Aviation Badge request will include DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) signed by an Colonel, UP slip, 1000 Flight hours (DA Form 759), and 7 years from rating date

Master Aviation Badge request will include DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) signed by an Colonel, UP slip, 2000 Flight hours (DA Form 759), and 15 years from rating date

Additional Skill Identifier/Special Skill Identifier (ASI/SQI) request will include a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) signed by an Colonel, Diploma with completion date (Effective Date), and Service Record Brief (SRB)

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge will require a DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) signed by an Colonel, completion diploma, and a translation memorandum


Soldiers desiring to take leave or travel to or within U.S. possessions of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands do not require travel clearance.

Soldiers desiring to take leave or travel outside the United States or outside the territory or foreign country of current assignment must obtain approval.

70 Days out: Determine that you wish to take leave overseas or on a cruise ship that ports in any country.

69-55 Days out: Complete and accumulate the following documents for submission through the chain of command for leave approval. If going on a cruise ship that is leaving a US Port and returning to a US Port. Training is not required.

  • Complete DA 31 Leave form, with all required signatures.
    • BN Level: IAW AR 600-8-10, Leaves and Passes, the BN CDR is the approval Authority for leave.
    • BDE Cdr: IAW AR 55-46 OCONUS Leaves and DOD FCG, the BDE CDR (O6) signature that FPCON has been verified and Service Member is approved for travel to the requested country.
  • AT/FP Level-1 Training certificate current within 60 days or complete at: AT training:
  • SERE 100 or service equivalent training when required.
  • Complete ISOPREP training module before completing an Individual ISOPREP: Please see your S-2 PRMS to have them do the ISOPREP on the SIPRNET.
  • Complete AOR brief from S-2 for the country your desired travel. You MUST have the memorandum signed by the BDE S2 to process your leave form. (This brief requires the dates of travel in each country you visit for the memo).
  • Depending on the country visited a travel plan may be required.
  • Itinerary for air/cruise/vehicle transportation involved in the leave: airline time and dates; cruise departure, ports and return; vehicle traveling in other countries or across the USA.
  • Leave/Pass Questionnaire.

55 Days out: Leave should be turned into the Soldier’s Unit for review and signatures and forwarded to the S-1.

45 Days out: Leave must be turned into Brigade/Battalion S1 45 days prior to leave start date with ALL supporting documentation completed and signed with DA FM 31.

30 Days out: Leave must be turned-into Travel Manager Assistant to be submitted into APACS if required or to be approved by Travel Manager.

Completed: Start day of desired leave.


Mobilization is responsible for those reporting to Active Duty status as Active Duty for Operational Service (ADOS), Contingency Active Duty Operational Support (CO-ADOS), Active Duty for Training (ADT), Army Guard Reserve (AGR), Army National Guard (ARNG), Individual Mobilization Augmentation (IMA), Individual Ready Reverse (IRR), and Retiree Recall. These are qualified Soldiers recalled to Active Duty by the Army on a limited basis to fill validated positions in support of Contingency Operations for Continental United States (CONUS) attachments.

All Soldiers in this category should report to the Military Personnel Division (MPD) Mobilization POC located in the Soldier Service Center, Building 5700, Room 280 with a copy of the Order to Active Duty (OAD) for in processing which will include Unit of Assignment Attachment Orders and briefing checklist. Upon completion of a 90-day plus tour Soldier need to coordinate with the MPD’s Personnel Services Branch (PSB) Transition personnel to provide information for preparation of a DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release of Discharge from Active Duty) for the period of Active Duty service unless they will be doing a PCS (Permanent Change of Station).

All Temporary Change of Station (TCS) orders are coordinated and prepared by the Mobilization POC for all Fort Novosel Soldiers scheduled to deploy by Soldier Readiness Process (SRP) and returning from deployment by Reverse SRP.