Deter, Prevent, Assist

Civilian Drug Testing

The ASAP conducts pre-employment drug testing for all federal job candidates and random testing for employees assigned to testing designated positions.

The Civilian Drug Testing section can be reached at (334) 255-7921 or (334) 255-7517.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides non-clinical supportive counseling and referrals to DA civilians, retirees and family members with a variety of life challenges (e.g. work and home stress, grief, marital issues). EAP educates DA civilian supervisors over the program and provides mediation between supervisors and employees and requested.

The Employee Assistance Program can be reached at (334) 255-7678

Military Drug Testing

The ASAP educates unit commanders and leaders over drug testing requirements and trains battalion and unit prevention leaders. The ASAP receives, performs quality control, and ships all urinalysis samples to the drug testing lab, as well as reporting urinalysis results.

The Military Drug Testing section can be reached at (334) 255-7921 or (334) 255-7517.

Prevention/Risk Reduction Program

The Prevention/Risk Reduction Program conducts Alcohol Drug Awareness Prevention Training to Soldiers and DA civilians cited with an alcohol or drug incident. ADAPT is also open to all DOD cardholders age 18 and above who wish to attend.

The Prevention/Risk Reduction Program tracks Soldier high-risk behavior on the installation and recommends mitigation to commanders. The program also educates and assists commanders with access to the Commander’s Risk Reduction Dashboard.

The Prevention/Risk Reduction Program can be reached at (334) 255-7919.

Suicide Prevention Program

The Suicide Prevention Program plans, organizes and teaches suicide prevention classes. The program also leads various Soldier support agencies to reduce suicidal behavior in the Army community.

The Suicide Prevention Program can be reached at (334) 255-7678.

Points of Contact
ASAP Program Manager (334) 255-7450
EAP Coordinator (334) 255-7678
Prevention Coordinator (334) 255-7919
Suicide Prevention Manager (334) 255-7919
Drug Testing Coordinator (334) 255-7517
Drug Testing Coordinator (334) 255-7921