The Night Vision Devices Branch serves as the worldwide point of contact and the principal Department of the Army staff agency for night vision training, operations and maintenance issues.

Our goal is to provide the community with current, accurate and relevant information and to provide a unified voice for the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, commanders and end users in all matters pertaining to the training, operation and maintenance of night vision imaging systems and associated peripheral systems such as heads-up displays, aircrew lasers and compatible supplemental lighting.

From the Branch Chief

My goal is to educate, enlighten and engage in a two-way continuous flow of information to enhance your operational readiness. I intend to act as your voice to all the various agencies involved with aviation night vision devices. The future of sensors and night vision devices is coming quickly and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.  Please feel free to call, write or email us. If we are unable to provide an answer to your questions, we will research the issue or put you in contact with someone who can answer them. We will do our very best to provide you with a prompt response.


CW3 Bryan Lee
Chief, Night Vision Devices