The Commander's Initiatives Group provides essential direct assistance to the commanding general by developing, synchronizing and distributing key elements of his vision and strategic objectives to internal and external audiences in order to successfully execute the Army Aviation Campaign Plan.

The Commander's Initiatives Group's mission is to:

  • Oversee the Command Engagement Team, which develops and sustains the commanding general's Command Engagement Plan
  • Design, create and maintain the Aviation Knowledge Network
  • Design, create and facilitate the Aviation Warfighter's Forum
  • Develop commanding general's strategic communications plan for all briefings, speeches and articles
  • Develop and coordinate agendas for major conferences (e.g. AUSA, AAAA, AVUSI)
  • Develop and sustain the Army Aviation Synchronization Plan
  • Develop and sustain the USAACE virtual work environment using knowledge management concepts to bring people, processes, tools and technologies together to support new concepts identified in the Army Capstone Concept, Army Learning Concept 2015, Army Training Strategy and the Army Leader Development Strategy