Advanced Warfighting Skills (AWS) will develop junior-grade warrant officers, targeting CW2s who have recently been designated as pilot-in-command, and who will be expected to serve as tactical and technical experts in company level positions. The course goal is to create highly specialized Aviation leaders and trainers who rapidly implement battalion maneuver orders by producing executable, flexible, lethal, survivable plans for Aviation companies and platoons. As the force continues to shift focus to Large Scale Combat Operations across multiple domains against a peer/near-peer threat, the need for a return to platoon and company maneuver has never been greater. The academic instruction is designed to give our junior warrant officers a basic orientation to combined arms maneuver at the division and brigade level, and in-depth instruction on the roles of Army Aviation within that scheme of maneuver.

To attend AWS, enroll in ATRRS under the legacy Aviation Warrant Officer Advanced Course (AWOAC), Course 2-1-C32.