Reporting/Inprocessing: Always report and inprocess according to your orders. The information below is the general procedure and is only for reference purposes.

All incoming AVCCC students should report to 1-145th AVN Staff Duty, Bldg. 5911, Andrews Ave., to sign-in from leave. If you are taking PTDY, do NOT sign in from leave. Follow PTDY procedures below.

Soldiers will then proceed to Cribbins Soldier Service Center, Bldg. 5700, Novosel St., Rm. 280 for inprocessing. If the Soldier Service Center is already closed for the day, report promptly at 0755 the following day. In-processing at the Soldier Service Center will usually take 2-3 days and generally requires the following documents:

  • 8 copies of orders/amendments (2x single-sided copies are required for military pay)
  • 2 copies of completed leave form
  • Flight Records
  • Dental Records
  • Medical Profiles (as applicable)
  • Lodging or other receipts (as applicable)
  • POV shipment form (if applicable)

Soldiers will then in-process 1-145th AVN S1 (Bldg. 5911, Andrews Ave.) Rm. 109. Soldiers will require the following documents:

  • 3 copies of orders/amendments
  • DA Form 4187, updated DD93, updated SGLI (received during in-processing at Soldier Service Center)

Soldiers will then in-process A Co, 1-145th AVN (Bldg. 5419, Raider St.). Soldiers do not require any documents for initial in-processing. On class Day 1, Soldiers will require the documents outlined in the In-Processing checklist (see the “New Students” tab under “Pre-Requisites”).

Permissive TDY

Students may be authorized to take Permissive TDY to house hunt as part of their PCS leave from their losing unit. The first O-5 in their chain of command must be the approving authority for their PTDY leave form. Please note, no PTDY will be granted after the course has begun as the course schedule does not allow a student to miss 10 days of class.

Do NOT sign-in from leave! Report to the Housing Office (Bldg. 5700, Rm 160) on the first day of PTDY to have your leave form stamped and signed by the Housing Office Representative. Any student that fails to do so may be charged the entire leave period. PTDY is terminated upon signing a lease IAW AR 600-8-10. You may remain on leave but will be charged accordingly. Upon completion of leave, sign-in and begin normal in-processing procedures.

Soldier arriving after duty hours, should report to the Housing Office the very next working day with a local receipt (ie: gas station receipt) proving your arrival date. The Housing Office will then “back-date” your forms as appropriate.

Important Phone Numbers
A/1-145 AVN, AVCCC Orderly Room Bldg 5419, Raider Street (334) 255-1880
A/1-145 AVN, AVCCC Course Manager Bldg 5419, Raider Street (334) 255-0102
1-145 AVN Staff Duty Bldg 5911, Andrews Ave. (334) 255-3569
1-145 AVN S1 Bldg 5911, Andrews Ave. (334) 255-9433
In-Processing Control Station Bldg 5700, Rm 280 (334) 255-2869
Military Pay Office Bldg 5700, 1st Floor (334) 255-3939
Transportation Office Bldg 5700, Rm 270 (334) 255-2343
Housing Office Bldg 5700, Rm 160 (334) 255-3705
Lodging Office Bldg 308 (334) 598-5216
Lyster Army Health Clinic 301 Andrews Ave. (334) 255-7068
Brown Dental Clinic Bldg 4405, Innkeeper Street (334) 255-9285
Army Community Service Bldg 5700, Rm 177 (334) 255-3735



Services are available to assist you in finding on-post or off-post housing, reviewing leases and setting up utilities.

Maps and Directions

The Army sponsorship program can greatly assist you with the challenges of PCSing. Ensure you log on to the ACT website and complete DA Form 5434 to receive your sponsor and information about your new command and Fort Novosel. If you have not yet received a response, please contact the AVCCC Orderly Room at (334) 255-1880.