The Aviation Captain’s Career Course provides Combined Arms Officers the expertise and instruction to develop agile and adaptive leaders prepared to succeed as Company Commanders and Staff Officers.

Course Outline

AVCCC is a 21-week resident course and takes place in a small group setting. The first half of the course focuses students on core doctrinal foundations including Unified Land Operations, Mission Command, and Leadership Principles. The students then begin a rigorous six weeks of company-level operational planning (TLPs). During the second half of the course, students transition to Brigade/Battalion-level planning and the MDMP process for ground and aviation units. Students then enter Anvil Operations, the capstone exercise which puts students back in “the cockpit” as they plan and execute missions in simulators. Training management and command topics are presented throughout the course to prepare students for command.


The following items must be read/completed prior to arrival at the course:

Entrance Exam

The entrance exam is the first course critical event given on Day 1. It tests a student’s baseline understanding of doctrinal knowledge required to succeed in AVCCC.

Course Standards/Policy Memos

AVCCC Students are expected to exhibit complete professionalism and set the example at all times. The policy letters below discuss the standards AVCCC students are expected to meet.