The Soldier and Family Legal Services provides legal advice and assistance to eligible clients. The SFLS reviews correspondence on behalf of clients to or from governmental agencies, private businesses or private individuals. The SFLS prepares or reviews legal documents including but not limited to: wills; powers of attorney; living wills; healthcare powers of attorney; bills of sale; simple affidavits; leases; promissory notes; and uncontested divorces.

SFLS also prepares and review petitions to the Army Review Boards Agency, rebuttal statements or appeals for FLIPLs, officer evaluation reports, officer or NCO evaluation reports, administrative reprimands, or other documents in connection with other military administrative actions.

To make an appointment with the Legal Assistance Office, call (334) 255-3482.

Or send us an email at:

Eligible Clients

  • Active Duty, retired, or dependents with military ID card;
  • Reserve, National Guard, or dependents mobilized for +29 Days with updated ID card or orders in hand;
  • DOD civilians concerning deployment matters and financial liability investigations of property loss (FLIPL);
  • Next of kin of Servicemembers who died on active status are eligible for probate assistance; and
  • Parents or guardians acting on behalf of a minor (minor must have military ID card)


Special Victims' Counsel (SVC) Program

If you are a victim of an actual or attempted sexual assault (whether or not you have reported the incident), you may contact the LAO or an SVC at (334) 255-3482.

Among the Army’s efforts to combat sexual assault in the ranks, the Special Victim Counsel Program was developed to strengthen the support of victims of sexual assault and enhance their rights within our military justice system, while neither causing unreasonable delay nor infringing upon the rights of an accused.  The role of a Special Victim Counsel is to zealously represent the client's interests throughout the military justice process.

Special Victim Counsel are legal assistance attorneys who have received special training and are designated by the Judge Advocate General to serve as a SVC. Special Victim Counsel will provide zealous representation to clients. Constrained only by ethical limits, SVCs shall represent the best interests of their clients as appropriate even when their client’s interest do not align with those of the government of the United States. A SVC’s primary duty is to his/her client and no other person, organization or entity.For more information, visit fort novosel lao on facebook Open Link.


For additional legal resources, please visit the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corp's Legal Information Portal.ClaimsAll military household good claims will be processed by the Center of Personnel Claims Support, located at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Their office may be reached at (502) 624-6913 or at their website.

The Claims Office investigates and processes tort claims filed against the government and pursues recoveries from third parties on behalf of the U.S. Army and USAACE.  The Claims Office also prepares litigation reports and responsive pleadings for the U.S. Attorney and the Army Litigation Division when cases go to federal court.