The Directorate of Public Works consists of the Office of the Director, Engineering Division, Contract Management Division, Housing Division/Residential Communities Initiatives, environmental division, Business Operations Division and the Office of Real Property and Master Planning.

The Engineering Division provides expertise in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. The Contract Management Division provides contract surveillance, service orders, and service and contract representation. The Housing Division partnered with RCI and works in conjunction with Corvias Military Living, who is responsible for the upkeep of on-post housing and housing issues. Housing Division provides oversight of the housing referral system and unaccompanied personnel housing management.

The environmental division personnel include scientists, specialists, an engineer, and personnel who oversee environmental concerns that impact the installation. The division includes the Natural Resources Branch that manages erosion control, controlled burning, and other forestry projects.

The Business Operations Division provides budget control for the directorate, project management for construction projects, program analysis, administration, and technical support for information management.

The Master Planning Division includes the Real Property Branch and oversees real property management, real estate services, military and minor construction, and installation master planning.