The TADSS warehouse provides a one-stop service center for users to acquire training aid devices, training aid support materials, consultation services and train-the-trainer services. The train-the-trainer service provides training assistance to unit personnel on all training devices issued at the warehouse.

Establishing a Hand Receipt Account

In order to take advantage of loan and issue services, borrowing units must first establish a hand receipt account. To establish a hand receipt account, the hand receipt holder must complete and return the hand receipt packet information to the Warehouse and provide the following:

Hand Receipt Packet

Train-the-Trainer Classes

Train-the-Trainer classes are a short course of instruction and certification for the individual operator ensuring that the Soldier gets the maximum use of the TADSS equipment using lesson plans and applicable training manuals as references. It is an oral, hands-on training with step-by-step instructions on using the equipment. Select the link to the Simulation Classes Form if you need to take one of the classes listed:

  • IWS Miles
  • Improvised Explosive Device Effects Simulator
  • XM-10 IED/Blast Simulator
  • XM-2A Small Arms Machine Gun Fire Simulator
  • Laser Marksmanship Trainers System
  • AK-47 Simulated Firing Rifle Set
  • Non-Pyrotechnic Hand Grenade Trainer Kit
  • Pipe Bomb
  • TC Landmine
  • Browning 1919A4
Graphic Training Aids

The warehouse also has graphic training aids. Common items available include first aid, leadership, map reading and many other subject areas. Click here for a complete listing of GTAs and for GTAs available for download.

TADSS Device Catalog

Click here to view the TADSS Device Catalog (CAC required) for training devices that are available for loan and issue to Fort Novosel Soldiers and units that are within our area of responsibility. See Establishing a Hand Receipt Account for information on loan and issue of devices.