The Plans, Operations and Mobilization Division prepares and coordinates operational, emergency, disaster, force protection, mobilization and demobilization, and special plans, policies, and directives for the assigned/attached organizations and tenant units. The division also mans and operates the Installation Operations Center on a 24/7 basis.

Points of Contact
Ceremonies and Individual Training (334) 255-9392
Master Planning Calendar / Band Taskings (334) 255-3396
Internal Taskings (334) 255-2337
Installation Operations Center
FOD/SDO (non-duty hours) (334) 255-3100
Branch Chief (334) 255-9777
Emergency Manager/CBRN (334) 255-9780
Antiterrorism Officer (334) 255-3721
Battle Captain (334) 255-9778
Fax (334) 255-2802
Force Protection
Installation Force Protection Specialist (334) 255-9907
Emergency Management Office

Located in southeastern Alabama, an area also known as the Wiregrass, Fort Novosel and its surround areas are exposed to severe weather such as storms, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural hazards; technological hazards such as hazardous material spills, power failures and transportation accidents; and human-caused threats like criminal and terrorist acts.

As part of a comprehensive protection program, the Fort Novosel emergency manager is tasked to provide expertise, leadership and oversight directed toward preparing and protecting the personnel, property, the environment and operations of Fort Novosel. Through effective mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, activities are conducted that bolster the resilience of Fort Novosel in the face of disaster.

Emergency Notifications on Fort Novosel

Fort Novosel relies on an effective and reliable mass warning and notification system to alert and inform the Fort Novosel community of emergency conditions. These means include:

  • Desktop alert
  • Giant voice
  • Installation Operations Center (24/7): (334) 255-9777
  • Social media: Facebook | Twitter
  • Fort Novosel PAO press releases