New Students

Newly arriving soldiers are strongly advised to in-process with your unit mailroom to continue receiving your mail with little delay. Listed below are the units and Community Mail Room (CMR) designations.

Soldiers are NOT authorized to receive personal mail from the United States Postal Service at the Bachelor Officers Quarters, Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, or any temporary quarters on Fort Novosel. The USPS does not deliver to building addresses. Soldiers CAN receive packages delivered by UPS or FedEx while living in temporary quarters.

Soldiers searching for personal mail (packages and letters) should contact:

  • CMR#3: Bldg. 6201, (334) 255-1324
  • Fort Novosel Post Office: Bldg. 9000, (334) 598-6446
  • Official Mail Center: Bldg. 118, 2218 6th Avenue, (334) 255-9313/3179/1118
  • Daleville Post Office: 100 Virginia Avenue, Daleville, AL 36322, (334) 598-4995

For any hold mail and/or to fill out a 3955 card to redirect your mail, contact your designated CMR.

CMR #3

LOCATION: Bldg. 6201
PHONE: (334) 255-1324
UNITS: 1-110th; 1-11th; 1-13th; 1-145th; 1-14th; 1-212th; 1-223rd; 1-58th AOB; 164th TAOG; 597th Maintenance; 6th MP; ATSCOM; 1AB ; IMSO; and WOCC.


LOCATION: Bldg. 301
PHONE: (334) 255-7381
UNITS: Air Ambulance; ASAP; DENTAC; Flight Surgeon; Hospital; MEDEVAC; and Veterinary Clinic.


LOCATION: Bldg. 6901
PHONE: (334) 255-6886
UNITS: U.S. Army Aviation Research Lab

U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center

LOCATION: Bldg. 4905
PHONE: (334) 255-3005
UNITS: U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center

Points of Contact

Official Mail Manager (334) 255-9313
Accountable Mail Clerk (334) 255-3179

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In accordance with AR 25-51, personal mail, holiday and birthday greetings, retirement announcements, completed employment applications, resumes, and similar material are not authorized. However, activities may use appropriated fund postage for holiday greetings when international diplomacy dictates.

It is postage paid for with funds appropriated by the United States Congress. The postage must be prepaid.

It pertains solely to the business of the U.S. Government. Postage and fees are paid with appropriated funds. Official mail is addressed material in the custody of the United States Postal Service or Military Post Office before delivery to, or after receipt from, or having been postmarked by the Official Mail and Distribution Center.

  • Express Mail. The class of mail afforded the highest Priority in handling. This is the most costly method of mailing. Use only to prevent mission failure or financial loss.
  • First Class. Any mailable item weighing less than 11 ounces. First class is sealed against inspection and is covered by the private express statutes. Its use is mandatory for correspondence of a personal nature, completed forms, test results and grades, completed certificates, bills or statements of account, and handwritten or typed letters or post/postal cards.
  • Priority Mail. Any mailable items meeting the requirements for First Class matter but weighing over 11 ounces, but less than 70 pounds. It must be marked Priority. Second Class. For magazines and other periodicals issued at regular, stated frequency of no less than four times per year.
  • Same rate as First Class. Special bulk rates for larger maipngs (at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds).
  • Fourth Class. Parcel Post. For packages 1 to 70 pounds. Miptary Ordinary Mail. Official mail sent by the DoD, posted at Second Class requester pubpcation rates, or Third or Fourth Class postage rates, which must have faster than seapft transportation service to, from, and between overseas points, but does not require premium Priority service. It goes by surface transportation within CONUS and by air transportation overseas. It provides cheaper postage than Priority mail. Depvery time to any Miptary Post Office may be almost as fast as Priority mail and rarely exceeds 21 days. Add MOM to the Second, Third, or Fourth Class endorsement on matter having a required delivery date not allowing sufficient time for surface transportation.

Yes, it saves on appropriated fund postage. This is considered a consolidated mailing. Consolidated mail is two or more pieces of mail placed in one container for direct mailing to a single installation/military community/address.

No. In accordance with AR 25-51 para 2-22e., invitations to social functions to satisfy personal obligations, even if they are the result of an official position are not authorized.

It gets returned to your office for corrections. Sometimes it must be opened to ensure the letter is returned to the correct office for corrections.

No later than 2:15 p.m., the United States Postal Services truck picks up between 2:20-2:30 p.m. daily.

IAW AR 25-51, express mail should only be used in cases involving loss of life, personal injury, destruction of property, and to prevent the possibility of a judicial ruling against the Army. It will not be used to respond to directed actions or requests for information unless it is the only way to meet a short suspense. Express mail may be used if mission criticality requires. It will not be used for the purpose of correcting administrative oversights such as late suspense when adequate time existed or on days before weekends or holidays, unless it is deliverable on those days.

USPS provides priority flat rate envelopes and boxes at a reduced cost. You can insert as much as the envelope/box will hold and pay one flat fee. This is a great saving for family members mailing to deployed soldiers overseas. For pricing, visit the USPS website at