Congratulations on your assignment to Fort Moore!

We are home to the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence, which includes the U.S. Army Infantry and Armor Schools. As such, we boast some of the military's most prestigious and rigorous leadership and functional schools and courses, while supporting a population of almost 70,000 Soldiers and civilians, annually. Not only are there endless opportunities at the installation for professional growth, but it's also a great place to bring your family.


Plan your move after receipt of your assignment/orders

Your sponsor is a great resource to answer questions and guide you during your PCS planning, travel and integration.

Incoming Soldier Sponsorship

The following sites are designed to help you with different areas of your PCS.


Joining the installation community and in-processing

Depending on when you arrive, all Soldiers and service members on assignment (permanent party PCS) orders should report during either:

  • Duty Hours: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and training holidays), to the Installation Replacement Operations Center in Ridgway Hall, Building 35, Room 23.
  • After duty hours: Report to the post Staff Duty NCOIC or OIC in McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Building 4.

Forms required for in-processing include:

  • PCS orders to this installation
  • DA-31 leave forms with signatures from your losing unit

For more information, call (706)545-4577, (706)545-5686 or (706)545-5687.

Army Community Service’s Newcomers Orientation is at 9 a.m. every Wednesday in Building 7, located at 7117 Baltzell Avenue. Spouses are welcome and encouraged to attend. The orientation offers resources, programs, activities and organizations at the installation and in the local communities that help you and your family enjoy life in the Chattahoochee Valley.

For more information, call (706)545-4043 or (706)545-0403.

Moving is a natural part of life for Soldiers and their Families. Army Community Readiness’ Relocation Readiness Program offers a comprehensive Family support system designed to help you and your Family make a smooth transition, whether arriving or departing the installation. Services include:

  • Newcomers Orientation
  • Free Post Bus Tour
  • Relocation Counseling
  • Lending Closet
  • Multicultural Services
  • Citizen Support Group
  • Overseas Briefings
  • Sponsorship Training

For more information, call (706) 545-0403, (706) 545-4485 or DSN (312) 835-4043.

New Soldiers/Service Members in transit to Fort Moore, Georgia on Permanent Party PCS orders report to the Installation Replacement Operations Center in Ridgway Hall (BLDG 35), Room 239 located on the second floor, during duty hours (0600-1600 M-F excluding weekends, holidays, and training holidays) for accountability purposes and to start in-processing the installation. After duty hours, Soldiers/Service Members must report to the post Staff Duty NCOIC or OIC at McGinnis-Wickam Hall, 1 Karker Street, BLDG. 4. Soldiers/Service Members SHOULD NOT report to their units prior to signing into the Installation Replacement Operations Center unless for barracks housing for single Soldiers.

Soldiers/Service Members reporting for in-processing must have a copy of your PCS Orders assigning them to Fort Moore and a copy of all applicable DA-31 Leave Forms complete with signatures for departure from losing units.

If you have any questions prior to reporting, please call during normal duty hours. 706-545-4577 or 706-545-5686 or 706-545-5687.

In-Processing Procedures

The Fort Moore In-Processing and Replacement Operations focuses on the installation in-processing requirements and individual Soldier readiness verification. AG Military Personnel Division (MPD) organizes the various installation agencies needed to welcome permanent party Soldiers and their Families to Fort Moore.

During the first full day of in-processing, all Soldiers/Service Members are required to attend a 4 hour session (0800-1200) that involves briefings given by AG MPD, DENTAC, MEDPROS, TRICARE, CID, On and Off-Housing, and Finance. Upon completion of these sessions, Soldiers/Service Members receive an in-processing schedule designed for each individual Soldier’s requirement for Fort Moore. Soldiers/Service Members will then proceed to complete other in-processing requirements identified on their in-processing schedule. Overall, it takes on average of 5 - 10 duty days based on your requirements. Other in-processing requirements will be conducted at the unit of assignment (i.e., Central Issue Facility, Security Clearance, etc.).


Service Members that are approved for PTDY at their losing unit will take their PTDY and report to the gaining unit at the end of their leave as long as it is before their report day.

If you are arriving on Fort Moore to attend training or schools, in processing of Students and Trainees is coordinated by the Commander operating the course of instruction that the Soldier/Service Member is attending.


Living on post has advantages and is currently in high demand. Due to high occupancy and ongoing renovations, Soldiers and Families arriving at the installation should expect extended wait times of up to six months. To set expectations, door-to-door moves are highly unlikely. Click here to see current wait times and post housing fast facts.
The installation participates in the Residential Communities Initiative program conducted by the Department of Army.
The Army has chosen a private sector management and development partner, Clark Realty Capital and Michaels Management Services (Villages at Fort Moore) to serve as property managers of the installation’s 11 family housing communities. They also perform the renovation and remediation of existing historical housing.

Post’s Housing Division is a branch of the Directorate of Public Works and provides oversight of the Villages of Benning while also advocating for Soldiers and their Families in housing matters.

The life, health and safety of our residents is our top priority. This means we strive every day to improve the quality of life for both you and your families by investing our time to address any and all concerns.

On-post residents who are experiencing concerns or issues that Villages of Benning is unable to address, can contact the Emergency Housing Hotline at (706) 626-2002. A housing advocate is available 24/7.

For more information call the Housing Division at (706) 545-3921

The Villages at Fort Moore, a privately owned housing company, is responsible for leasing and the property management of the roughly 4,000 houses on post.

Arriving Soldiers and their Families desiring to live on the installation are encouraged to contact the Villages at Fort Moore upon immediate notification of assignment to this installation.

For more information about the Villages at Fort Moore, call (706) 685-3939.

The installation is nestled in the heart of the South, with proximity to many of the country's most well-known destinations like Atlanta, Savannah, Panama City Beach and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are located in an area commonly known as the "Tri-Community", comprised of Columbus, Georgia and the installation and Phenix City, Alabama.

For more information on Columbus, Georgia visit:

For more information on Phenix City, Alabama visit:

Resident Bill of Rights


Effective Jan. 1, 2015, those who attempt to enter Fort Moore without a federal government-issued identification card (Military ID, Military Dependent ID, Common Access Card or Automated Installation Entry Card) or a visitor's pass will be subject to a background check before being allowed to enter the installation unescorted.

For information visit: gate-info

Walk-in hours are: 730-1130 or Until We Reach Capacity on the dates listed
Main ID Card page

Appointment website:https://idco.dmdc.osd.mil/idco/#/


The Main Post ID Card office hours of operation for the 1st, 2nd and 4th weeks of the month are Monday-Friday 0730-1600. The hours of operation for the 3rd week of the month is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 0730-1600. Closed all day the 3rd Wednesday of the month for training. We are also closed on all Federal Holidays. Additionally, we are closed on the following dates: 7 Apr., 26 May, 16 Jun., and 1 Sept.

The following provides the priority of service for ID Card/DEERS assistance.

We will issue CACs/USID on a walk in basis at the Soldier for Life Center, Bldg. 9230 on the dates listed above from 0730-1130 or until capacity is met based on the priority listed below. Afternoons are reserved for appointments only and emergencies which will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Priority 1 - Active Duty, DACs, CTRs
  • Priority 2 - Full Time College Students (21 yrs.) and Soldiers retiring from active duty within 7 days
  • Priority 3 - Retiree and Family Member ID Cards
  • Priority 4 – Promotions

We will issue CACs only on a walk-in basis at the Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) Center, Bldg. 2295 from 0730-1600 Monday – Thursday except on the 3rd Wednesday of each month(Closed for Training) based on the priority listed below. This is limited daily service. Once we reach the maximum number we can assist, no additional personnel will be allowed

  • Priority 1 - Active Duty, DACs, CTRs (Lost, Stolen, Confiscated, Expired or expiring within 21 days)
  • Priority 1 - Single Soldiers in-processing and need a CAC/ID Tags
  • Priority 2 - New Hires (DACs and CTRs)


USID Are Able To Be Renewed Online Pilot Program click the link for more information: Online Uniformed Service Identification Card Renewal Pilot

Civilian Retiree ID Cards No Longer Will Be Issued click on link for more information: DOD Retirement Identification Card | DCPAS

Please use the Badging Office for your Trusted Travel and For USIDs That Do Not Scan At The Access Control Point click on the link for more information:  Directorate of Emergency Services (DES)



Martin Army Community Hospital, 6600 Van Aalst Boulevard, Telephone: 762-408-2604 | 762-408-2605

Appointment line – Monday-Friday, 0700-1600. Web page: martin.amedd.army.mil, may schedule appointments online.

Tricareonline.com – may schedule appointments online. Registration required.

Fort Moore's new Martin Army Community Hospital opened in November 2014. The total project cost approximately $500 Million and has 745,000 Square Feet, which is double the size of the old hospital.

The new facility is a contemporary world-class hospital which provides improved health and welfare to the 90,000-plus Soldiers, Family Members and Retirees of the Fort Moore community. The world-class hospital looks like no other building on Fort Moore. The modern structure has a visually stunning entryway, as well as numerous healing gardens and walking paths surrounded by indigenous plants. Upon arrival at the new facility, parking is readily available and in close proximity to the building for both patients and staff. Patients and visitors have a dedicated four-level parking structure. Staff members have a dedicated five-level parking structure and have keyless access into the hospital. Three healing gardens provide serene outdoor environments for visitors and staff to step away from the activity inside the hospital. The central garden has a 50-foot high water wall that flows into a 125 foot-long stream. This feature fills the area with ambient noise and the tranquil sound of running water. Careful consideration was used to select the materials used throughout the project. To help reduce energy consumption, increased insulation reduces heating and cooling requirements. Daylight sensors, occupancy switches and LED lighting provides energy efficiency. Similar stringent decision-making also took place regarding the incorporation and maintenance of the flora on the hospital grounds. A green roof consisting of low maintenance, drought resistant vegetation assists with temperature control of the hospital. Key features include a comfortable environment that meets today's medical needs and focuses on tomorrow's medicine, outfitted with state-of the-art medical technology. The hospital has the finest testing and diagnostic equipment to maintain the well-being of our nation's Soldiers and their Families. The larger, optimized design of the new facility is separated into two sections, one for inpatient care and one for outpatient and wellness services. Consolidated, interdependent clinics and specialties are now under one roof and offer an enhanced medical experience. The new construction combines intuitive patient flow and evidence-based design elements with Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements. The new energy efficient systems make Martin Army Community Hospital one of the most energy efficient hospitals in the United States. The Soldiers, Family Members and Retirees receive care in a world-class medical facility with a superior staff. Staffing has also grown since the opening to provide enhanced services.

We recently became partners with the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) on Fort Moore. One of the hospital's external buildings is now the Fort Moore VA Clinic. Veterans entitled to health care at the VA can be seen at the clinic. Martin Army Community Hospital provides ancillary services such as Radiology, Labs and Pharmacy. Limited surgical services are available.

Active Duty soldiers reporting to sick call are not required to have an appointment. Simply report to the assigned TMC at the appropriate time with a signed Sick Call Slip. Sick Call times vary with each clinic. Check for TMC sick call times in the Primary Care portion of this book. All other appointments are made through the CARE Line.


Sponsors must ensure that DEERS information for their Families is up-to-date. Active-duty Soldiers will complete TRICARE enrollment during in-processing. Family members can be enrolled at www.tricare.mil or by calling 1-800-444-5445.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Children with medical issues requiring more than basic medical care are mandated to enroll in EFMP. Sponsors need to have a DA Form 5888 completed by the child's primary care manager (PCM). The EFMP office is next door to the Peds Too Clinic in the hospital's first-floor clinic wing.

Pregnant Patients

Pregnant patients are seen in either the Family Medical Home or OB/GYN Clinic once enrolled for care at MACH. Patients may participate in the hospital's new Centering Pregnancy program - care with a provider and a midwife.

School Screenings, Physicals and Immunizations

Students enrolling in Georgia and Alabama schools for the first time require certain screenings. Georgia requires a Certificate of Immunization (Form 3231 Revised) and a completed Vision, Hearing and Dental Certificate (DHR Form 3300). Alabama requires a Certificate of Immunization (IMM-50). Call 762-408-2273 for appointments for these enrollment screenings as well as appointments for school and sports physicals.

ACS Employment Readiness Program

The Army knows that employment is one of the most significant issues for military families. The goal of the ACS Employment Readiness Program is to assist families with the challenges associated with the job search, particularly as they are impacted by the Army's mobile lifestyle.

Hours & Contact Information

Address: Building 7
7117 Baltzell Ave(view on Google Maps)
Phone: 706-545-4043
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm
Submit an ICE comment card

The Employment Readiness Website provides weekly job lists, and helpful resources and programs like career counseling and job coaching.


Civilian Personnel Online

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) Become a member of the Army Civilian Team. Visit the Civilian Personnel Online "Employment page" and discover countless opportunities to join the Army as a Civilian. The Army has a wealth of challenging jobs with progressive employment practices, a family friendly atmosphere, exceptional benefits, and a diverse workforce.

For more information visit our website at: http://www.moore.army.mil/MCoE/CPAC/

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
6650 Meloy Drive, Bldg 6, Suite 134
Fort Moore, Georgia 31905
Phone: 706-545-3374 | 706-545-2838

ACS Financial Readiness Program

The Financial Readiness Program FRP offers counseling and training for Soldiers and their families and ensures emergency assistance is available when needed. The misson of FRP is to reduce indebtedness, minimize the need for emergency financial assistance and prevent financial difficulties before they arise. Services include classes on money management, credit, financial planning, insurance and consumer issues. We help Soldiers and Army Families live within their means and provide for a brighter financial future.

Click here to visit the Financial Readiness Program website.

Hours & Contact Information

Address: Building 7 7117 Baltzell Ave(view on Google Maps)
Phone: 706-545-7517
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm
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Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO)

It is our mission to provide timely and accurate military pay services to the Soldiers assigned to and supported by Fort Moore.


Soldiers arriving to Ft Moore are required to attend the Finance In-processing briefing at Soldiers Service Center, Bldg 35, on day one of their in-processing.

At a minimum the following must be submitted:

  1. DD Form 1351-2 (travel voucher): original and five copies. A separate DD Form 1351-2 will be submitted if the soldier also performed a DITY (Do It Yourself) move. If the soldier moved his dependents to the new duty station and did not accompany them, then a separate DD Form 1351-2 will also have to be submitted for his dependents period of travel. Receipts for any reimbursable expenses exceeding $75 must also be submitted (4 copies + original). All lodging receipts, regardless of amount, must be submitted.
  2. DA Form 5960 (To start or recertify BAH): This form must be filled out in its entirety. Lease and mortgage agreements are not required. However, the bottom of the 5960 must show the zip code to where the soldier is stationed for this information is required to start BAH. Ensure that the 5960 is signed and dated by the soldier in blocks 13 and 14. Blocks 15 and 16 are to be left blank.
  3. DA Form 31 (leave form): Original and one copy. The leave form must have a sign in and sign out date. If the soldier went TDY en-route, then the same leave form or a separate DA Form 31 must also cover the period the soldier was TDY. If the soldier requested Permissive TDY the DA Form 31 needs to be signed by a LTC and the dates that the soldier took PTDY must also be annotated in the remarks. The soldier is also required to get the DA31 stamped by the Housing Office noting when the PTDY began.
  4. Orders: Four copies of the soldier's orders to include any amendments or DD Form 1610's covering TDY period.

Click here for more information


You must attend a PCS Briefing prior to starting your out-processing. Every Tuesday there is a finance briefing at 0900 hrs.

Appointments made by AG (central clearance). Bring one copy of orders and DA Form 31 to BLDG 35, Ridgeway Loop.

Be prepared to answer the following questions during the briefing:

  1. Your permanent mailing address. Any travel or payment vouchers will be sent to this address.
  2. Your current home and duty telephone number.

Click here for more information

Contact Information

Finance In/Out processing - Bldg 35, Ridgeway Loop in Soldiers Service Center
Phone: 706-545-7969/3217
Hours: M-F 0730-1600

Travel Pay - Bldg 35, Ridgeway Loop in Soldiers Service Center
Soldiers Service Center
Phone: 706-545-7969/6365
Hours: M-F 0730-1600

Customer Service - Bldg 35, Ridgeway Loop in Soldiers Service Center
Phone: 706-545-7969/706-545-7289
Hours: M-F 0730-1600

The Fort Moore Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation welcomes you! Family and MWR hosts programs, services, leisure activities and special events designed to enhance the lives of Soldiers, family members and military retirees. Check out their website to find something fun to do on Fort Benning.

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Website

Moore MWR Event Calendar